Can I like Brooksy? Is Brooks the worst?

After watching the PGA, I’m finding myself rooting for brooksy. I mean he showed hes human by coming back to the field after holding a 7 shot lead. The fist pump on 18 when he made that putt which wasn’t even necessary for him to win, showed that this win meant a lot to him. He has also become more candid as of late on interviews where he is not afraid to voice his opinion even if its controversial.

To add on…this is exactaly how Tiger used to win majors, get out to an enormous lead and hit it all over the planet and shoot an over par round sunday and still win.


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Brooksy? Sounds like you have a large man crush on him. He is pretty attractive.


Brooksy is the nickname tiger gave him, i.e. steve sands is “sandsy”


man, tiger is so clever. dont you think Chillsy?


It is a terribly unoriginal way to nickname people, but I started doing it ironically and then couldn’t stop doing it.

His press conference was void of any emotion whatsoever. He does absolutely nothing to endear himself to the fans or the media, which is fine, just don’t be upset when they would rather talk about Rory chasing his next major instead of you.

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who’s Brooksy? Brucey won yesterday.


You mean the guy in the Nike hat?

some guy in a Nike hat made a hole in one at 17… that the one?

I know Barstool is taboo here. But, if you go listen to his interview on PMT last week is pretty great. Makes him likable.

Disclaimer: Not a big PMT guy, but listened to it after a friend recommended. Enjoyed it.

I was in high school when Tiger first won the Masters and in college when he became the dominate force. But Tiger made golf cool. He became a public sports figure that was “cool” and a golfer. He embraced golf and seemed to love the game. JT, Spieth, and Rickie have also made golf cool by taking it to the social media world. Their spring break snapchat stories did more for the game than the stupid PGA Tour’s dumb sayings. Brooks doesn’t do that. He acts too cool for golf and that golf is nerdy. He acts like he only plays because he is really good, but he thinks he’s better than everyone else. I could totally see him and DJ sitting around laughing about JT wearing spikeless golf shoes away from the course, or Spieth acting like bad-ass chest bumping his caddie after holing a winner from the sand, or Rickie in his loud clothes. If you’re going to act like you’re too cool for golf, you can’t get mad when golfers don’t root for you.


I’ve liked him since @Soly was super bullish on his prospects in the early days of NLU. I think he’s a stone cold killer, and that reminds me of Tiger in most ways.

If I ever had a chance to bro down, I’d definitely challenge him to 225 reps on bench and try to earn some kind of respect for strength since I wouldn’t be earning any with my golf game.

Seems like a cool dude and knows how good he really is at golf + life.

Yes, I can see the parallels between Tiger and Brooks in terms of their playing style and their ruthless approach to winning. As well as not really giving much to fans off the course.

I still don’t really see why Brooks is so hard to like, especially given how sterile the top players have become. Tiger, DJ, Rory, Brooks and a host of other top players have horrendous or non existent social media accounts giving fans virtually nothing other than adverts.

Phil, JT and Eddie Pep are the stand out guys who get involved and give fans something to root for.

Ultimately Brooks will become more liked for the same reason as Tiger. Winning.
Fans, and especially American fans, will love to root for a winner.



Because he reminds me of Ogre from Nerds

And everything that @tdogg21 said.

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Brooks is awesome. He’d be a blast to play with and a blast to party with. This place being too good to like Brooks would be very on brand for the refuge.


Not disagreeing with anything posted. Just taking this one comment and building on it.

The ironic part here is that Tiger is in reality, an absolute dork.

With a club in his hand, he became cool. I mean even outside the shots he hit and wins he had. His sauce is all time.

You can claim his sex scandal was cool, or savage, or whatever people think of shit like that. But he also had a family at home. Not my place to judge.


Its not that at all. i just get the feeling like hes actively trying to be too cool for a guy like me. I dont have any interest in that kind of person.

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I don’t think the Refuge likes any player universally. I get a kick out of it. Tiger is as close as we come but even his Masters win had a fair share of haters.

Why does the Refuge hate them?
Tiger - Black hole of attention, bad person
Rory - can’t close, hasn’t become Tiger
DJ - Choke artist, underachiever, affinity for booger sugar
Brooks - Boring, a bro, likes Barstool
Phil - Narcissist, inside trader, gambling addict
Spieth - Overrated, is dead, doesn’t hit it far
JT - Kicked out a fan once
Rickie - underachiever, late-stage capitalism
Rose - Boring, British, wears ugly sunglasses
Day - Munchausen Syndrome, plays slow

I’m sure I’m missing several but oh well. We need a flow chart of if the Refuge likes a player but it just always leads to “No”.