Can I like Barstool?


Bonus points if it’s someone doing something that damages the golf cart, course, golfer, or all three.


that said, I kind of want to see what they do with the Riggs and Ryan Whitney match


the comments section on the four or five most recent Riggs website posts is staggering. I know the level of hating is something they pride themselves on, but these go well beyond any vitriol and decent-natured snark thrown at their other personalities. I have a tough time squaring this with the adulation thrown their way on twitter - there’s such a disconnect. Do they have a shitload of bot accounts on twitter replying to tweets with positive stuff? And if so, why don’t they do this for the comments section on their website?


Those comments. :open_mouth: I know almost nothing about Barstool or their personalities, but wow…some of the vilest comments had 70-plus upvotes.


Tron just trying to draw attention to his couple hundred Barstool usernames where he rakes Riggs over the coals.




I’ll clear @Tron’s name and confess to the accounts.


Over the years the BSS comment section has taken on a life of its own and become a monster. What started out as popular forum for their readers to engage and show off their wit has since devolved into an endless cycle of who should be fired, why the site sucks now, salacious fake gossip and other vulgarities which almost always lack creativity or value. Rumor has it that they’re talking about removing the comment section altogether. In my opinion, the commenters are a small faction of losers who have nothing better to do than talk sh*t about the site and get some twisted satisfaction out of it. No content or personalities are exempt from their scorn except PFT and probably Big Cat.

Their following is obviously massive and given their demo / audience I do think there is a genuine and high level of dissatisfaction with 1) the nature of their golf coverage and 2) one personality in particular who probably doesn’t need to be named. They try to walk the line between casual beer chugging golf bro and actual informed golf content. They lack a clear identity. There is a happy medium / balance that can live there but I’m not sure they have the right pieces or strategy in place currently.

If you ever reads their reddit page (which the redditors tout as the civilized comment section) anytime their golf content comes up it almost immediately gets panned as “not as good as NLU.” Which is objectively / certainly true. FWIW, I’ve somewhat recently and very informally inquired about whether or not they’re trying to expanding their golf content team and was met with silence.

Ultimately, I think BSS as a whole is trying to find their way as their core audience is starting to age and the brand continues to grow / transform. Some people are unhappy about where it’s going and are expressing that. The others are just your everyday internet trolls with nothing better to do.


Foreplay is constantly hovering around the top 10, top 20 in sports podcasts. I don’t see them changing anything soon. People like them. People are idiots.




It’s propped up by their brand’s power and reach, bigly. I’m not suggesting a major overhaul, just some tinkering.


very interested to hear Mssr. Gronk696969696969’s opinion on the 2019 rules changes and the width & angles movement.


anyone suprised that Stoolies, and east coast mooks in particular, are vile, stupid, and crass has never visited either much.

If it weren’t for pizza reviews, i wouldn’t waste my time with that site.


If you play with fire, you get burned.

If you build a platform on immature and boorish frat bro behavior, said immature and boorish frat bro behavior can come back to bite you in the ass.


I would love for someone to post a timeline of the NLU vs. Barstool feud as I got into both at roughly the same time and not to sure of the exact history.

I’ve listened to every Foreplay episode since they started putting them out (For the Record: I have backtracked and listened to all NLU pods too) and for the life of me I can’t figure out what kind of role Trent plays in their golf content besides repeating almost word for word what Riggs or Frankie has just said. Honestly questioning why he is even involved as it seems he doesn’t even play. Commentary on his weekend round? None. Got clubs from their Titleist fitting? Show me the proof.

Also I agree with @OutsideTheCut on the comment section. It’s a shitting contest for the most upvotes.


I’ve noticed that Trent never leaves the office or goes to the events with Riggs. Maybe he has other job duties unrelated to the pod? His absence is very noticeable lately.


When Foreplay first started I was excited. I listened to a few episodes and thought it was good. Then a switch went off when they spent an entire episode talking about their rule that if anyone accidentally kills and animal on the course during a round, they have to eat the animal.

Since then, I’ve unsubscribed and I avoid FP, out of spite. The Barstool golf coverage is lacking. They randomly cover tournaments and sometimes do previews and recaps, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when they are published. Most of the golf posts are just advertisements for Titleist and Peter Millar. I can’t imagine the insufferable prick that would buy Barstool branded golf gear, but I’m certainly not that person.

The worst part about it comes from sheer jealousy. Riggs has turned his hobby into an opportunity to travel and play some of the best golf destinations, but he seems to be doing such a shit job at covering it. I think the NLU model proves that a hobby and Twitter account can turn into something really high quality and authentic, and the Barstool model proves that a cult following can prop up any content. One seems deserving of the hard work and benefits, and the other seems like a cheap mimic that doesn’t deserve the success it has.

On a different note, the fact that Titleist and Peter Millar have decided to partner with Barstool is actually a big turn off for me for both brands. I’m not the kind of person do boycott the brands for this reason, but it certainly makes me question the type of customers who purchase the products.


Frankie rarely goes to any events as well unless Dave is going too because he is his glorified assistant, but Frankie still contributes to the pod and IMO the highlight of their golf content just because he is hilarious.


Apparently Barstool dubbed Matt Parziale “The People’s Golfer” and as a result the Massachusetts Golf Association has become a Barstool cheerleader, constantly retweeting whatever they put out. It honestly drives me crazy.


I thought Kevin Kisner was the people’s golfer?