Can I like Barstool?


What rules is TBC breaking and not respecting?


Well they just benefited from a very lucrative sale of access to some very high end clubs. Clubs that don’t allow these type of auctions unless specifically for charitable purposes.

I couldn’t care less about an occasional picture etc being posted in violation of club rules. If anything I think it’s a pretty silly expectation of privacy on the clubs part. But as a previous poster noted, I think the equation changes once the violator is a for-profit individual or enterprise. Part of why Jon Cavalier gets the drone access he does (besides the wonderful quality of his work), is because he’s respectful of club policies, does the legwork to obtain proper permissions, and (my guess) because those granting access are aware that he’s not benefitting financially.

In the early stages of fundraising for what has to be at least a $5-10m project, I’d want to make sure there wasn’t a whiff of any kind impropriety. Looking the other way or even encouragimg the violation of other clubs rules seems like a bad way to get started on fundraising for a club that will eventually have similar rules itself.


Seems like you’re making a rather large assumption here that a PGA Tour Pro, Zac Blair, didn’t go through the proper channels to get permission from the private clubs to auction off rounds with their members. These private clubs have every right to make exceptions to their own rules when they see fit. If we haven’t seen one way or the other what agreements were made to sell these rounds, then we must assume it was done respectfully of the clubs’ policies in question. Assuming otherwise is a bit asinine to me. Now, if a story comes out where the three guys who paid $5K to get on at Winged Foot got turned away at club drop, then you’ll have something to smolder the chat board with. Until then, you’re stirring an empty pot.


I’m actually the person who grants permission at one of the clubs. I was not contacted.


That’s the kind of thing you lead with, man… SHEEESH



And I don’t really care btw. I raised it on this barstool thread and not the TBC thread because it seems inconsistent to encourage NLU to flame Riggs for breaking rules but for all of us to cheer on ZB fundraising because we want TBC to happen. Getting TBC to the finish line is going to take big, big $. I don’t wanna see them tripping over themselves right out of the gate.



Have you ever had to deal with a member that was charging guests fees in excess of normal fees to make a profit on bringing unknown guests to the club? If not, how do you suppose that would be handled?


You don’t have to answer, but I assume you’re at Shoal Creek? Your perspective has a whole new weight to it. Agree, we don’t want to see it get tripped up. Hopefully there is a phone call from ZB coming soon to say the money is in, can we get this group on at your scheduling convenience.


Shots fired at Echelon Golf?? :joy:


All the rounds were donated by members of the clubs for TBC Golf Inc … none of the money goes to “Zac Blair” :joy:

I’m not out here trying to make a quick buck slinging rounds a these courses! Shame on you for even thinking that. You obviously don’t get what I’m trying to do or trying to build.

If you had/have a problem you should reach out directly to me next time instead of spraying threads saying I’m pocketing this money and breaking rules. I wasn’t aware of any rules being broken. Members offered to host and we accepted the offers to help further something we all believe in and want to see happen.

I promise I’m not a hard guy to get ahold of :+1:t3: So have a good day and find something else to get upset at


I can’t tell if @RaynorMan is a parody account.


It’s not.


To be fair, I don’t think @BamaBearcat ever meant that the money was going to @RaynorMan directly. “Zac Blair” = TBC = TBC LLC. Also clarifying what I wrote above.


We took it offline. Nothing to see here.


No one has given a good reason to answer “no” to the question.

Barstool is for the average Joe. The majority of the audience considers golfing an excuse to get shitfaced with their buddies on a Saturday. Just look at the comments on any article that a female writes.

NLU and Barstool are opposite ends of the spectrum. Yes, you can like both.


One of my favorite golf coverage suggestions came from their podcast, granted it was from their fan mail, talking about how players should be required to wear a heart beat monitor and have that displayed on screen. There are so many great possibilities that could come from this whether it be Tiger flat-lining as he stands over a 40 foot slider on the 72nd or Dufner having a heart attack over a 2 footer.

They have a lot of dumb takes but it’s entertaining enough to listen to when you’re in a drought.


Do you like Peter Kessler?

If the answer is Yes, then you can like Barstool. Similar quality content.


you literally just proved my point. you have given no good reason as to why you can not like them.

And in regards to PK, how many hours have been spent by you guys commenting about his tweets? and someone actually took the time to call him?!?!? that might be more sad than what PK has said.