Can I like Barstool?


Looks like little Riggsy got in some trouble for bringing his drone out to Sleepy Hollow without permission and the membership is PISSED.

tsk tsk.


any kind of link to show this? Would love to read about him getting in trouble.


He had some videos and pics posted earlier that a buddy forwarded over to me (since I stopped following him a year ago). Some have since come down.

We have a mutual friend who is a member of Sleepy that shared the details.


I need this - direct inject. Drone Riggs is crashing.

What makes this even better is how he has been talking about his “Riggsy Rankings” of all the top 100 courses he has played. Tough to get more invites when you piss off the membership.


Most likely is the member that hosted him gets some sort of reprimand. It’s great because plenty of other social media accounts that we all know and like (linksgems…) have had no issue.


Looks like his Riggs Vs hole video from sleepy is gone. Must have gotten told to take it down. lol


I wonder why they’d not like it? It looks cool AF from the air


Calling one of the most universally loved courses in America “underrated” is a bold take.

Most egregious part of the video was Riggs saying he was hitting a knock down 8 iron into a stiff wind from 140. With that 1/2-3/4 backswing of his there’s no way he could get it there with an 8.

Don’t forget to tune into their latest podcast for some high brow golf content such as whether or not the LPGA’s latest trophy looks like a dick.


Guess old riggsy should’ve read the guest information section of the website before launching the drone


Use of any Wireless Device or Cellular Phone is permitted only in paved parking areas and overnight guest rooms. This includes, but is not limited to, PDAs, Blackberries and Blue Tooth accessories.Members and their guests may not talk, retrieve voicemail, text message, email or play games on any wireless device or cellular phone.Physicians ‘on call’ and members with medical conditions, may request an exemption from Club management, each time they consider it necessary, when using Club facilities.

Members violating these rules will be subject to suspension of their Club privileges at the discretion of the Board.


Sleepy Hollow Country Club will comply with both the Westchester County and New York State ‘no smoking’ laws. Smoking will be prohibited in all Club buildings, under tents and under awnings.


I think it probably had to do with his main video, he sounded buzzed and dropped several F bombs, but it could have just been the drone on premises. I agree those shots looked sick though


Shit like this gives everyone who does drone or video stuff a bad name. Often everyone gets thrown in the same bucket when someone fucks up, fair or not. This is why we can’t have nice things.


Buzz the tower Tron. It is time.



Since you bowed out of the NLU-Foreplay feud, just look at what’s happened to golf twitter:



How is this any different than breaking club rules by selling guest rounds and donating the profits to Zac Blair?


It appears that a lot of the rounds for TBC are accompanied by a member. Lots of threesomes and twosomes. The member sponsors, pays the guest fees to the course, plays with the auction winners and Zac gets every dime in the auction.


Right. So they are selling rounds of golf at their club to people they don’t know, which is against club policy at every club everywhere, and (through a 3rd party) then giving the profit to someone who is not running a charity. You really think the clubs have been notified and are ok with this?

Anybody paying taxes on any of these transacations btw?


You sound like a really fun person.


I love Sweetens Cove, love the idea of TBC, the Ringer, etc. Just think it’s a little inconsistent to criticize Barstool for violating a clubs rules on drones and social media, but not recognize NLU is helping publicize and promote what appears to be a pretty blatant violation of other many other clubs rules.


Linksgems was granted permission to fly the drone at Sleepy Hollow, as many others have when going through the appropriate channels.

My source shared the ole Riggsy did not and just went out there as a guest and acted as he pleased. By my estimation, they would have turned him down anyway given the unwanted association with Barstool, which is their prerogative.

Barstool is also a for profit official media outlet. Someone’s public instagram account is a bit different.

Can’t speak for NLU but based on @Tron comments, they know how to approach the subject.


Everyone should respect every clubs rules. Barstool should be called out when they don’t. But so should TBC. No matter how much we like what Zac is doing.