Can I like Barstool?


Ice them, bro.


I agree with the general sentiments expressed in this thread, but add one question to consider. What if Riggs left Barstool and worked for NLU (or worked for NLU without ever working for Barstool at all)? I suspect he would fit in, offer worthwhile takes, and converse in a more sophisticated and golf-intelligent manner. We would probably grow to like him or at least recognize that he has a lot more to offer than what he brings to Barstool. Even now, he strikes me as someone I’d be more than happy to get paired with on the first tee.

At Barstool, he has to play to a wider audience and stay on brand. Indeed, his “co-host” does not even really know anything about golf. I suppose Barstool has decided that the half-baked golf coverage in the manner Foreplay provides it suits their needs–and have been able to convince other relevant stakeholders that it suits theirs, too. So Riggs carries on, and benefits. Can’t really blame him.


You cut the hamstring, right on the back of his leg right at the bottom.

He’ll push everything off to the right. He’ll never come through on anything. He’ll quit the game.


I think this sums Barstool up really well for the entire site. I get really frustrated because it appears that the Barstool personalities just play roles that they think their audience wants, and aren’t really genuine. Ultimately I think they are always playing to the lowest common denominator whether they believe what they are saying or not.


I think that really gets to the issues i have with Barstool. I like a lot of their stuff and their bloggers, but my problem is basically with their hardcore audience. Just look at how they attack anyone that says anything remotely critical of them on twitter, it’s brutal. I think their guys should do more to discourage that type of stuff.


I have no opinions on Barstool at large - my comments above relate only to the Foreplay pod and their golf coverage, which is a heaping pile of garbage.


i was fun stick but it just got old or I got old. I can’t figure that one out.


I’ve got to give it to them - “Fore Play” as the name of their pod is excellent. May very well be the best aspect of their golf media offering.


I mean, I read Trump’s Tweets but that doesn’t mean I in any way like him, just trying to keep up with the level of insanity for the day. Read what you want to, it’s a free world.


I would say I like some of the Barstool content (pizza reviews, the occasional PMT), but I wouldn’t consider myself a Barstool fan (and I actually think it’s okay for someone to be a barstool fan, and even a non-NLU fan #safespace). For me there’s too much BS barstool baggage and as @MrCutHook pointed out some of their “personalities” are playing it up and it comes off inauthentic. The NLU guys seem more authentic, and their content doesn’t seem to suffer as a result.


Well, there’s your first problem!


The best component of Barstool’s golf coverage is Ryan Whitney. Knows and absolutely loves the game.


Agree 1000%. I love Whit, between Spittin’ Chiclets and his appearances on Fore Play, dude is great.

I wish Barstool just went with the trio of Riggs, Whitney, and Frankie Borelli for golf coverage/Fore Play. Trent just stinks, plain and simple.


Whit is a national treasure. That trip he just took to Scotland with all of those NHL guys looked absolutely epic. I’m going to listen to Foreplay just to hear about it.


I will not be cart-shamed!


This is a solid take. I definitely get the sense that he’s getting a thrill as a middle-class guy “slumming” it with the edgy, blue-collar ethos of Barstool, however contrived it may be.

The two things that really turn me off are his self-congratulatory “shout outs to me” (which I assume are a bit tongue-in-cheek) but the bigger thing is his disdain for caddies. I take it as akin to regularly being abusive to your waiter/waitress and it’s an obnoxious look.


if you’re not following PFT Commenter on Twitter you’re doing it wrong and for all of those who think NLU is so much more high brow than him because he’s associated with Barstool, note that Soly, Tron, and Shane Bacon all follow him. He’s hilarious. It’s okay to find some of the Barstool stuff/personalities funny and still come here for golf coverage, they’re not mutually exclusive


PFT is a legend. NLU has had some inspiration from PFT that’s for sure.


I agree that I do get enjoyment out of the barstool pod as well. I do not think that the golf content is anything groundbreaking and in no way holds a stick to the NLU pod but if it introduces new people to the game and I can get a chuckle out of it I’m all for it.

Foreplay pod are throwers (Randy Johnson)
NLU are pitchers (Greg Maddox)


did they steal that idea from G Fore?