Can I like Barstool?


“hurr durr I bet the frathouse made fun of Jordan’s haircut. Cuz it was a dumb haircut” - Barstool Content


So I guess my answer is, no, you cannot like Barstool Golf.


Their Ryder Cup content is going to be insufferable, just catering to the fake over-patriotic meatheads without showing any appreciation for the talent on the other side.


Ahh, Whistling Straits, the White Belt of golf destinations. The Golf Boyz of golf destinations.


Hating the Foreplay pod is a passion project of mine.


The ONLY reason as to why Golf Digest and the USGA pay attention to them is their attempt to hijack the youth…I don’t blame GD and the USGA for doing this as you have to go where the people go :frowning_face:


Golf Channel even used the #SAFTB tag on some of their Open posts over the weekend.


RIP the Tron-Riggs feud.


while analogies have been taken off the SAT, they seem appropriate in this debate.

NLU : Foreplay :: Raynor : Reestorations


We all acknowledged that Barstool pales in comparison to NLU, and I don’t even like mentioning them on this forum because I don’t think they deserve the attention.

But since we are having the conversation;, I will consume just about any kind of golf content I can. After I run through NLU’s pod, Bacon’s and Fried Eggs, I then listen to Barstool. It’s much lighter, with tempered expectations, I do enjoy it.


To me, that sounds like you drink a few good bottles of wine and then you decide to pollute your body with Franzia. I just don’t get it…if you want something lighthearted, go check out a comedy podcast like How Did This Get Made?


only way to resolve this is a Refugees vs Stoolies team match play event


This is a grand idea. Tell the stoolies to meet us on the buck club’s 9th green at 9


I like to slap the bag every once and a while…


Barstool/Foreplay : Golf Podcasts :: Smylie Kaufman : SB2K Crew


I love Pardon My Take but they are different from the rest of the Barstool universe.

My formal answer is “I don’t give a shit what you like or don’t like. Just don’t be a dickhead.”


I’m a stoolie I’ve read the site pretty much every day since 2012. The site has obviously changed a lot and its not as good as it used to be imo but there are still some real bright spots. Spittin Chiclets is my favorite podcast, PMT is good to quite good, and the blog is still decent when Dave, Big Cat, Francis, or Large write something. Their golf coverage is terrible though and I’ve been saying that long before they even hired Riggs


Fuck Yeah you can. I’m an early 40’s, grounded (with the exception of an overwhelming golf obsession), man with a somewhat demanding schedule. I listen to them quite often during my commute when I don’t want to “think” too much, or on flights, working in my hotel room, etc… It’s over the top at times, but I laugh at quite a few things, sometimes for the sheer absurdity and sometimes because it struck me at that point in time. I’m not listening to them to be educated as much as I am looking to be entertained.

The only thing that gets me #triggered, sadly, is Riggs cadence when speaking.

It’s stupid shit, I enjoy stupid shit from time to time.

The great thing we all appreciate about NLU is that it accomplishes all of this, minus the cadence abomination.


Question: you and a buddy go out for a round of golf on a Saturday. You drive up to the first tee and meet the guys you are playing with and see a SAFTB golf towel on the bag, what do you do?


I hate Barstool’s golf coverage/SAFTB as much as anyone, but if your answer to this question is anything other than “introduce yourself, shake their hand, and try to enjoy the round” you are an a-hole.