Can I like $29,900 bags?

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Is it for charity?

Even if it is, Bernhard is a tough sell for me. He was good before my time and now is having a mega resurgence on the senior tour but does anyone outside of hardcore fans know that name? I don’t think I’d pay 30k for a bag from Rory or Tiger come to think of it :joy:

I could go for the bag and shoes, but $500 shipping is a deal breaker for me.


Are there any reasons people list these things for absurd prices other than delusion or fishing? Could there be insurance reasons or something like that?

Only way that’s worth $30k is if he left a green jacket in the garment pocket.

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Not sure a Tiger Woods bag from a Masters win would fetch $30,000.

Random Bernhand Langer bag is going to have to be a pass at the price.

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Tiger Woods’ backup putter only fetched 55k. How the heck does a bag sniff anything remotely close.

(It doesn’t)


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(but Tiger doesn’t anchor)

Does it come in waxed canvas? Looks like a great deal to me…