Can any of the NLU guys break 80?


If I’m reading @RaynorMan 's twitter update from Mountain Lake correctly, @Soly fired a 67 yesterday?!? I feel ashamed we even questioned the NLU guys game. Well done


@RaynorMan stroked out and had a seizure after the Redan, so you can’t trust his accounting. It was a 68 actually, with a mind numbing 34 putts. It was a par 70, so it was only two under. While I was obviously thrilled with the day, it’s hard not to go Full Reed and say I left a few out there. Regardless, it was fun to find the slot, even if it was only for a day. But yeah, that’s gonna be a handicap wrecker.


From a first read that looks like 16/18 greens, which is a STIFF ball striking display.


Caught a photo of @raynorman after he stroked out… ?


(hesitates) It was actually 17. Hit one par-5 in two. Only green I missed was the redan. Was sick to my stomach, as it was probably the coolest redan I’ve seen (save North Berwick obviously).

Worst part was the greens could not have been better. Some of the best greens I’ve ever putted but just couldn’t buy a bucket.

Made one little swing change in the last few weeks. I would imagine it certainly doesn’t look like it on film, but I at least feel like I’m doing somewhat of a Hideki pause at the top. This let’s the lower body get moving, and the feeling like I’m pulling the club through the zone with by body, and with my left arm. I closed my stance some and closed the face a bit, and am hitting a little draw that, for now, is under control.

F*ck, I’ve got the golf bug bad now. I’m in deep!


Since you’re at a good spot in the #process, do you have any starts lined up on the Pro-Am Circuit? Play well enough, and you could earn your card.


In all fairness, I don’t really know of any ranges in Jville that you would want to spend much time practicing at unless you can get out at TPC or Pablo Creek(good luck). Someone could make some money if they had the land and could build something like Orange County National’s range in the Jville area.