Can any of the NLU guys break 80?


My only real reason for carrying a handicap, and urging my buddies to do so is for gambling purposes. I would always get the line, “I don’t want to bet anything over $20, you’re so much better than me.” (I’m not). So I started hassling them to get a legit handicap and let the numbers sort it out. I don’t think I could handle playing with anyone who takes this game too seriously. Sometimes you go Lone Wolf and win some money, sometimes you go Lone Wolf and need to find the nearest ATM. That’s golf. That’s gonna happen.


I can serve as a witness to the rounds here at Formby, Royal Liverpool, West Lancs, Walton Heath and St. George’s Hill. The fact that Soly could break 80 (or nearly break 80) every time out while watching me hit it sideways all over England (to the point where I nearly broke down in tears at Formby on two hours sleep) was an impressive feat.

It did make for an enjoyable anecdote, however, when I would hammer a ball 50 yards off line into the deep gorse at Formby, and our playing partner (a member at Formby) would comment in the driest of English accents:

“Hmm… bit unlucky there.”


I think the real question is, is @Soly the best player on #TheCircuit? Every time I hear about Wednesday pro ams I think of rich 20-something handicaps or celebs, and the pros must have the patience of a saint to deal with the six hour rounds.


How good did that 69 feel on the Kauri Cliffs? :heart_eyes: Nice round!


@Tron will you come please defend yourself? I need more refuge interaction out of you


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I thought he was going FT… He just chilling in the killhouse all day to get away from the screaming baby.


I played a round of golf with @Tron a couple of years ago when he was living up here in Boston. I’m a high single-digit handicap and we were pretty equal in ability. We both hit some really good shots and some really terrible shots, and I think our scores were pretty similar at the end of the day. As @Soly mentioned, they tend to show more of the bad/funny shots on social media than the good shots, so it makes the guys look better than they actually are.

FWIW, playing golf with @Tron is an absolute blast because the fire takes just come out left and right. The in-person experience did not disappoint after consuming the Twitter content for so long.


I’ve played with @djpie and can confirm he’s a more than solid player. I’d have no trouble giving him a 6 or a 7. His modestly-described wipey fade is actually much more like a powerfully compressed cut, at least it was that day.

(I was terrible, ejected hard despite home course advantage, though in my defense I had about an hour’s notice and wanted to make sure he and @thefriedegg had a good time visiting. Plus I’m not that good in general, and was in my worst stretch of the summer. But still, DJ’s driving sold me harder on an Epic driver than a dozen @Soly ad reads, and I don’t mean that as an insult.)


I don’t want to watch these guys practice or prep. Unsubscribe. NLU does a good job with their content- but this is content I’m glad they haven’t shown and hopefully never will. I usually only think about someone else’s index when we are lining up our bets on putting green. people spend too much time thinking about other people and apparently their GHIN?

Please don’t break down the state of your game to me or what you shot. I don’t care. Soly going from a 3 to 2- is not interesting, at all.


Good lord, calm down a bit. I think it’s fun for their fans to get a behind the scenes look at their golf games. It just shows that they struggle sometimes like the rest of us and like playing just like the rest of us. Makes them more relatable. Obviously it doesn’t need to be all the time just a good post here and there, and if that causes you to unsubscribe, then so be it.


Careful, Fun Police. You’ll have people sliding into your PMs with their handicaps, with signed scorecards as proof. It’s the unsolicited dick pic of the online golfing community.


guess somebody pissed in your cheerios this morning.


I actually like to know approx how good/bad the guys are, gives a perspective that helps when they are chatting about some (not all) topics. Agree with #tigersfirehydrant it makes them more relatable and they do a great job of controlling how much of it we saw. The @Tron roast was one of the things that drew me to NLU


Why does everyone care what level they play? You either find someone’s content interesting or you don’t. I don’t care if they all are + or if they are 20. I enjoy the content they create. Everyone here I would guess enjoys their content or you wouldn’t be here. Would you all of a sudden stop listening to the podcasts if you learned they were all high caps? They are a bunch of dudes that enjoy golf what more do you need to know


If they are doing course reviews it helps to know if they are reviewing the course as a +3, a 5, or a 20 since different levels of players will see the course differently. For me it doesn’t change the way I view the coverage of tour events or pro players, but having the context when listening to the travel or architecture podcasts helps.


The thing that makes NLU different than other content creators is that we can all relate to them. They are real people doing really cool things. We get the opportunity to interact with them, ask questions, and feel like we are “along for the ride” as they travel and talk with individuals we all find interesting. Almost get to view them as an extension of our friend groups.

We do not get this from other content creators at the big publications - hell, without NLU, I would have no idea who the main writers are for those big publications.

Knowing how they play just brings us closer to them.


FFS Dorf… more like douche… (rim shot) seriously though I enjoy NLU because the guys are all very relatable. Its cool to here about how they play. Caught a instagram live video today from streamsong, and it reminded me of how we always insta live when we are at Bandon so the guys that couldn’t make it can come along for a couple holes. For me, hearing about and knowing what type of players they are makes the content more enjoyable.


I care about their skill level. That’s why Johnny Miller is the best color guy. You may not know he shot a 63 in a US Open once.


this is just everything to me. made my whole damn day.