Can any of the NLU guys break 80?

DJ’s move looks silky for a 7, well other than the topped 3 wood

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@Soly We need a video series tracking your practice and someone giving you tutorials about the mental/strategic side of the game. I too have been stuck on a 3ish handicap post-college and need ideas about ways to maximize my bi-weekly range sessions (once monthly is more realistic).

Feels secretly like a long form Callaway sponsored post. 100 posts later we’ll see those handicaps drop attributed to the new gear.

Lets think about #ethics.


One of the best shots I’ve ever seen an Am hit in person was @djpie from 90ish yards out of a sand-filled divot. He put it back in his stance and played this knockdown, Traj-y wedge that bounced once and stuck to tap-in birdie range.

He shot 77 that day.

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Left a few out there


The L in NLU stands for Long-Con

(just go with it)


Thought about something like this. Just really really hard to prioritize this over all of the other stuff we have going. In 1.5 months down here, have found the time to go to the range once, and it was barely beating sunset and hitting off mats.

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We are going to need to see GHIN numbers for the NLU crew and maybe they should host a get together. Kind of like a team titleist type of thing - that would be cool

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Stopped posting scores on this janky CDGA site because they wouldn’t let you post scores in the winter in November. Just went in and added all of the winter scores and it let me, but I’m not sure if it’s even going to count them. Regardless, here’s all of them back to the beginning of 2017, hashtag humblebrag.


that list of courses makes the Blair Wish Project looks like a bunch of local munis


Just straight stuntin’ on us peasants with that list of courses.


Soly! if i recall Brora was the sight of the par 4 hole in one? and we carded an 81?! lol

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How are you not burned out from golf??? LOL

Not great. Full story is here:

TLDR: Up until 3 am the night before doing US Open recap pod, up at 4:30 for flight, drove 3 hours, walked 18 at Castle Stuart, drove hour and a half up to Brora for 6 PM round, got the call from Bones during the middle of the round on the split between him and Phil, spent the round waiting for the statement so I could break the news. Would have never found the ball in the hole had it not been for my playing partner who actually bothered to look in the cup.


You sure played quite a few rounds in Indiana this past year.


Yeah, yeah Soly… You’ve just learned from CPG when to backdate your scores


You still need to post your Scioto Reserve and Kinsale scores from the first weekend in November you old sandbagger! :astonished:

Feel like @Soly just provided the Golf Houses and I was sorted into House Soly after briefly being considered for House Tron, no doubt the Slytherin of the group.

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Some thoughts I’d like to add:

  • Certain people play up to competition when in the company of players that are better than them. I do the opposite and tend to play my best when I’m among lesser ball strikers and high handicappers. You really hate to see this from a past his prime, former mediocre division 1-AA defensive back. #LPCP
  • 80-85 is my happy place. I can in fact break 80, but the standard deviation is explosive on the upper end of said happy place.
  • Don’t really keep a handicap so @riskreview and @jjgilham can eat my ass. I play the ball down, and try to enjoy the round. I don’t play enough to care and enjoy playing matches/throwing hammers over logging scores and giving the USGA any money to log scores on their shitty cloud platform. Mike Davis can eat my ass too.
  • @djpie has me sold on treating golf more as a daily practice akin to yoga or surfing (#WokeAsFuq). Being overly competitive and much more consistent on the course in my younger years when I marauded the Atlanta Junior Golf 12 and under division like a stone cold savage, grinding over putts for no money and worrying about a handicap round after round sounds about as fun as caddying for Bubba #PFTS (That was a JOKE, I was joking bubba).
  • Everything about @Soly’s game is SOLID round after round (except yesterday, a 3 putt from wasabi range to loss a hole, hammer, take, hammer, take, boomerang, poley after a spit back on 15 3x’d the bet…IT"LL COST YA!!)
  • @BigRandy has one of the more amazing and athletic moves you’ll see to get the club face square. It’s Slender Man meets Furyk.

Completely agree with you and @djpie. I’m in my late 20s and just don’t care much about my handicap anymore. Andy Johnson talks about it a lot too, though he’s a stud so prob easier when you’re that good. Much more enjoyable to drink some soda pops, going blind lone wolf, and take few bones from my buddies