Can any of the NLU guys break 80?

Based on the swing videos that have been posted I find it hard to believe. I was promted to start this thread after seeing DJ choke 5 inches up on a 3 wood and proceeded to cold top it.

Lets start seeing some scores.


Last year on the pod Soly mentioned his handicap a few times, I believe it was 2 at its lowest and settled around 3.

With that number he should be breaking 80.

No idea on the other guys.

Based on the pro am videos even when Soly said he wasn’t swinging that well, he still looked pretty damn solid. He has to be breaking 80 almost every time out.

seems like Soly can play. Does it make a difference to their pro golf coverage? Nope. I will appreciate when they do their Tourist Sauce that it will be much more relatable to how an average buddy group experiences Streamsong, Australia, etc

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First, I couldn’t care less about the NLU guys handicaps overall. I follow them for golf content and I don’t think handicap makes a bit of difference, except in one aspect-

It is helpful for context only when discussing course reviews ala NLU travel. Example, if they were all former college golfers playing to a + index, they might have a different perspective than the vast majority of their followers.

I like NLU because I imagine most of them are like us…golf enthusiasts always working on their game…but never with enough time to reach true potential. That’s the perspective I want anyways.

I want to see DJ choke up 5 inches on the FW and top the hell out of it. He’s going for it and that’s the principle of the site. NO LAYING UP.

From previous Pods and info…
Soly plays to a 3?
Tron plays to an 8?


I’m 2.9.

DJ and Tron play off 7. Neil is off 10. Big Randy is around 8 or 9 I believe?

The bad shots are a lot more entertaining from a content perspective than our good shots, so there’s a reason why we post those. In fact, kind of thrilled that this thread exists and that we’ve thrown you guys that far off the scent.

Tron truly is an excellent driver of the golf ball (he would use the word generational). He should score better than he does from where he plays from off the tee, because it’s dead center and plenty long. The shorter the club in his hand, the worse he gets.

DJ plays a self-described wipey fade. He’s got a better swing than we make it look on video, and he chokes up on it all the time because he plays a crafty style and seems physically incapable of just lining up and hitting a straight shot.

Neil is an athlete with a club in his hand. Crazy swing speed, but is a bit all over the map. No doubt, he’s a sleeping giant and has the most potential to improve. The misses are big, but so is the ceiling.

Haven’t played as much with Randy in recent years, so can’t give a down to date report on the state of his game. It’s way more entertaining to hear him describe it.

I played more golf in '17 than any other year in my life, yet somehow went from a 2 to a 3. I’m searching. Never hit it further, and maybe never hit it more flush, but also missing horrendously 4-6 times a round, and can’t get past just flat out abysmal wedge play. A couple times a year it’ll click and I’ll break par, but follow it with an 81. When we do get to play, it’s usually cramming in holes before dark, no warmups, and definitely no time spent between rounds on the range, which is a goal of mine for this year. More range reps trying to find the slot.


So you’re saying @djpie is the Bubba of the group? Sorry, it was just sitting there.


From what I’ve seen of Soly’s swing I buy the 2.9, but I’m going to call Tron out as a reverse sandbagger. I watched the abomination that is his short game and can’t believe he is playing to an 8 GHIN. From what I’ve seen he putts pretty well, and Soly claims he drives the ball well but I’ve never seen a legit 8 overcome that kind of chipping. Can we start posting every card with attested signatures? I’d love to be proven wrong. Is there some “just put me down for a 5 on that hole” going on here?

I play with a bunch of friends some of whom do not keep GHINs so for our annual trip I have to assign a number based on playing a round with them or sometimes just watching them on the range. I think I’m pretty good at it. Based on what I’ve seen I’d guess Tron is more truly an 11 or so. I see a high ceiling in his game but can’t believe he would play to an 8 right now.

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I would never ever ever play Tron at an 11. I have a hard time giving him four shots. He’s always in play, and his chipping isn’t nearly as bad as it looked in the roast. Yesterday was DJ 82, Tron 83, me and Neil 84 (I hit at least 5 tee balls in the marsh, and wasn’t even close on the greens. Not good.)


This is very big of you to make public. Shoutout Benevolent Soly.


Okay, but who was the biggest loser playing Wolfhammer? No one cares about medal play anymore.


Managed to get this footage of @Soly late in the round from yesterday.



Without any knowledge of his game, just based solely on this thread I love the idea that Tron might be a “reverse sandbagger, sandbagger”

You look at him on the range, doesn’t look like an 8, you play him to an 11, and then he shoots 75. To me, that fits perfect with his “I’m about to throw out a flaming take, but think about it, and it’s really pretty accurate” analysis.


everything burns!!!

I’m hoping we can chalk this up to a little friendly trash talk towards Tron. If so, I love it.

If not, there is absolutely no way anyone can determine handicap from the content currently available on the NLU guys game. The video of Tron chipping was made for the purpose of Roasting Trons swing…of course the content aligns accordingly.

I’ve caddied for many people that I would swear couldn’t break 90 seeing them warmup on the range. Take them to the course…completely different story. Great course management, knowledge of their games strength and weakness, avoiding penalty strokes, boom…mid to low 80s. The reverse is also true. The mental midget athlete with the “great swing” will often shoot a high number.

I too love that Tron could be a “reverse sandbagger, sandbagger”.

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This is beautiful. Spicy takes.


Great takes - I love it. I’ll grant that it is unfair to pick on Tron but it seems like so much fun. Please keep us updated on those scores , yesterday’s 83 is noted. Well done Tron!

What were your thoughts on Sea Island @Soly? One of my favorite areas of the country for the all around vibe of the place.

Second this! I played Sea Island in May 2015. It was so great. Enjoyed your guys content from that yesterday as it was a good stroll down memory lane. Loved everything about it and I think it’s one of the better courses on tour. Tough place to play though so I understand @Soly frustration if the misses were big.

So OP was right? If only for a day…

FWIW, I would’ve pegged the NLU crew as low single digit cappers based upon the social media posts.