I’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger on a brand new Epic 3 wood, and have never bought from a used site. Curious if anyone’s had experience there. Wondering how noticeable the difference in conditions are. Thanks in advance!


I’ve had nothing but good experiences.

“Like new” stuff has come in the plastic.


I’ve used it a few times to buy irons and woods. Always been a positive experience. They have a great rating system and they typically run discounts throughout the year. I would trust them 100%.


Bought multiple clubs from there and everything has been exactly as described.
Would recommended for sure



Like Zocco said, nothing but good experiences. All the “Like New” products I have ordered have come in plastic as well.

Not sure if this is allowed or flagged by Callaway but I have also had buddies order from CPO, had the club break, and had it replaced through Callaway directly.


I can’t tell if this thread is legit or just brilliant product placement.


I’ll tell you what, seeing this topic sprout up a mere hour after the Callaway Marketing/NLU video hit the website has me now screaming FALSE FLAG and JET FUEL CAN’T MELT STEEL BEAMS at the top of my lungs.


Haha it’s genuinely sincere. I can’t say for sure that I haven’t been incepted by the Callaway ad reads on the pod though


The only thing that I will say about buying any club online is not being fitted. However, if you already own the club and are buying a replacement, then go for it. I try to replace my wedges every two years so it’s easy to find the same wedge.


I’ve found that a lot of OEMs have good customer service in general. I think they realize that you’re going to be spending money on golf stuff for a lifetime, so they want to keep you coming back


I’ve had great experiences as well, recently bought a steelhead 3wood and an o-works putter and both were in exactly the condition I would have expected. Not to mention they were both screaming good deals. Keep a close eye on the site as they usually switch up to a new sale/promotion each week.


i have sent back clubs that were in the “Very Good” category twice because i wasnt satisfied and they werent quite that great looking and they exchanged them and sent another no questions asked

besides my irons (Srixons) the rest of my bag is from callaway preowned, love the service


I have purchased a driver and fairway woods from them and each one I received was as described.


To vouch for Callaway in general, I had an older Works V-Line Cruiser that had the metal mesh insert fall out. Called Callaway up and they told me to pick any O-Works putter I want, and then sent it out that day for the warranty replacement.

Really top notch stuff.


Thanks to everyone who sent replies. Much appreciated.

I pulled the trigger on an Epic 3 wood that was in “average” condition. Got it today and there isn’t a scuff on the club and the grip is perfect and got a brand new head cover. Awesome experience and great pricing.


I’ve bought two clubs on there and would say that it’s a very good site as far as price and getting what you expected to get, but not being fitted for the club that you’re buying I think is always going to be a challenge. Sure you can put in your adjustments and they come according to those specifications, but not having had the chance to swing it before I bought it was a missed opportunity for me at least. That said, if you know you like the club and feel comfortable with it you’ll be very pleased with the buying experience.


Well not sure what people think of x-out golf balls, but I noticed they’re selling the 2018 Chromesoft x-outs on the website.

With my confidence at a new low, and my local course being tight, wooded, tick, and poison ivy infected…I figured I didn’t have much to lose by trying the x-outs.

The website is running 25% off all orders right now and I had a coupon code for free ground shipping, which means I was able to pick up 3 dozen balls for $67.48 ($22.50/box & $1.87/ball).

So we’ll see how the x-outs treat me. At the rate things have been going, the shipment should at least last me a couple of rounds…


I’ve bought countless clubs, never had a bad experience. Recently bought two like new MD Forged wedges for less than $50 each, the faces were immaculate. Their trade in/trade up program is great as well. Can’t recommend them enough.