Cal Club


I am not woke on this course and simply have enjoyed a variety of photo essays of the place and apparently it has some unique routing.

Give me the goods.


What do you want to know? Photos tell a lot. The vibe is so good there. Awesome clubhouse staff, fun caddies, sweet weather.


Great members, wonderful course, wonderful staff and hospitality. Get there!


I was fortunate enough to get out there earlier this year to play the course and spend a good amount of time with their Superintendent (Javier Campos). I wrote a long-form interview about him and his work managing the course for @thefriedegg. Javier has an incredible story. If you have time and are interested give it a read.

In terms of the routing, holes 3-12 are definitely where it’s at. Some of the back nine gets a little switchbacky and monotonous IMO. With that being said, the club is incredible on the whole and if you ever have the opportunity to go you absolutely should.


High on my list to play this year. Just got invite to play in an invitational tourney at Ballyneal too. Gonna be a good year.


I spent a week living in the clubhouse this summer. The place is sublime. Fescue great, firm and fast, and a ton of fun. Has an awesome set off par 3’s. Vibe is a dude’s place (Steph Curry’s home club). Bar is awesome. 3-12 is certainly the best stretch overall. Kyle Phillips redesigned the course and added an awesome cape hole. 13, 14, 15, and 17 are parallel to each other so routing wise not overally exciting but still all very good holes. I’ll try to get some of my photos up, but most photo essay’s do the place justice pretty well. Although some of the un photographed holes are equally stunning





Just love that closing stretch of 16, 17, 18.


Hey, there’s the house where I grew up, up there on the hill. Always knew there was a golf course there, obviously, but not having grown up with the game I had no idea what kind…


I loved Cal Club. One of the best golf experiences I’ve ever had. The members I played with were extremely friendly, staff didn’t act like I was an imposter that didn’t belong. Vibe on the first tee was great with a bunch of people milling around, no tee times, and the pros out there helping to set up the games.

I’ve never played anywhere else that was basically wall-to-wall short grass. It might have my favorite par 3 ever in #12, which with the back left pin I thought had some very redan-y qualities. #2 was a fantastic, stout par 4.

I thought there was great variety of holes that played left/right (#1, #4) and right/left (#9, #14) short 3s (#15) and long 3s (#12) short 4s (#7) and long 4s (#9) , short 5s (#1) and long 5s (#4). I only played it once and with a bit of thought I can still remember every single hole out there. There are blind shots that make you uncomfortable, and holes where it all lays out in front of you and tempts you to have a rip.

My only regret was not getting a big swag bag before the round because the shop was closed up when we finished.

I’m horrible at taking pictures, but this is off the back of #6 green that shows how open the entire property is. I think it’s #10 and #11 on the left there.