Cabot Links

I’m in the process of booking a trip to Cabot and wanted to get feedback from anyone who has played there. It looks like is considerably cheaper to play and stay there in May-anyone played there early in the season before?


I’m assuming the weather in that area in May can be dicey.

Fore Play just had a podcast on this…

I actually wrote a few articles over at the Fried Egg a while back covering our trip up there in early June 2016. Weather was awesome - we got sun, some serious rain/wind, and cloud cover all in the same round at one point. Coldest was probably low 50s, and it got up to mid 60s. Definitely a recommended time to play it. The greens on Cliffs were super shaggy because it wasn’t technically open yet, but after a few years of play they should have it ready to go, even early in the season. Articles are below.


This is great-exactly what I was looking for. We are coming in from Boston as well and had been debating making the drive or just flying into Halifax and driving from there. I appreciate you sending this along.

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I’m looking to do the same exact trip near the end of May next year as well.

Any updates on what the weather in late may was like? Offseason rates end May 30th and considering a trip in the last week of May for 2-3 days.

I’ll be up there for my bachelor party 5/23 - 5/27. Historical weather in Inverness, NS on those dates has been anywhere from 40 and rain to 82 and sunny. Based on averages I’m expecting low to mid 40s in the AM with low 50s by midday. Not warm by any means but we’ll make do.

If you’re still thinking about a trip I’d probably give them a call and check availability – as of 2 months ago the dates we’re going they were totally booked.

I played there Memorial Day weekend last year. Played 4 rounds and only the first was super wet/cold (~40-45). Best advice- always bring rain gear even if it’s only a 10% chance. My gear was dry in the room as I was out on the course… Also, get your layering right. I’m assuming you’ll be doing 36 a day so you will warm up considerably throughout the day with all the swings/walking.

Ps make sure to hit the speed pocket 220yds over the bunker on cliffs 17 and 2 putt from 80yds out for bird.

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Thanks for the info! Glad to hear you guys were able to enjoy that time of year, and no doubt I’ll have my rain gear in the bag every round.

Bumping. Would love to hear if anyone has been recently? What’s it like?

Been 2 years since I went… day dream about it at least once a week. It’s heaven up there… i went over 4th of July holiday and weather was perfect. If you are considering going, my advice is to do it. DO IT.

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Heading up Thursday. Have 9 at the Links course locked in for Thursday night to whet the appetite, then 36 each day (one round at each course) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Weather is looking pretty good and I absolutely cannot wait to get up there.


Was there this past Thurs-Sun. Place is a gem. Highest possible recommendation. Incredible courses and the staff there is exceptional. You are going to have a blast.


That’s amazing. You said you traveled in from Boston, correct? Did you fly to Halifax and then drive out, or do the 12 hours from here?

Also, any info you can share on the weather? The forecast looks pretty good so far with temperatures in the low to mid 50s and sunshine most days, how were the conditions when you were there?

We flew into Halifax and then did the 3 hour drive up.

Friday we played 36-18 at Cliffs in AM, lunch, then 18 at Links mid/late afternoon. Took a group caddie that day for both rounds-I would recommend at least having a group caddie for your first round at each course as they definitely help with sight lines/yardages/wind off the tee and where to miss around the greens. Weather was around 45 degrees with a little bit of wind.

Saturday we planned on playing 36 but only got in 18 at the Links because of the weather. It was mid-low 30s, rainy, and windy. By far the toughest conditions I have ever played in but overall very fun and a memorable experience. And because the resort is set up for golf nuts, there were a lot of people braving the elements with us. It was cool to sit at the bar afterwards and watch people play into 18.

Sunday we just played 9 at Cliffs since we had a flight out of Halifax at 5pm. Normally they don’t do 9 hole rounds, but because of our travel situation we were able to finagle it. That round was high 40s/low 50s and barely any wind.

A couple other things-the dining on the resort was very good. We ate at Panorama one night and the Cabot Bar the other night. Unfortunately the Public House was not open as there was a fire there recently-however it might re-open this week. Also, cookies/water at the first tee is a nice little treat and the pushcarts they have on both courses are top-notch.


This is perfect, appreciate the insight. I’ve been scouring Instagram Stories trying to get a peak at anything Cabot-related, so thanks again. Looks like we’re in for some pretty good weather relative to what you guys played in and if your conditions were doable (and memorable) then I have no worries about ours.

Just got back from 4 nights at Cabot and what a trip it was. We stayed in one of the villas and played 9 at the Links the first evening after arriving, and then played 36 each day (one round each at Links and Cliffs) Friday - Sunday. I’ve been lucky enough to play a lot of awesome golf courses and I can firmly put Cliffs in my top two along with Pebble, what an incredible track. The entire experience was top notch and I can’t recommend this place enough. Already planning my next trip back.


We gotta get out for a round and discuss nothing but Cabot. Going up over Labor Day weekend for my 2nd visit there and i CANNOT wait.

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Recently visited st Pete beach and found some great trip planning advice on the Tampa thread. Figured I’d pay it forward by sharing my experience at Cabot.

If you’re planning a visit Cabot, try to spend some time exploring Cape Breton.

Highland links in Ingonish is a great classic track, but has been in rough shape for a few years. Look for updates on conditions before booking. Based on conditions in summer '18, I’d only recommend if you’re really into checking out classic designs. There’s a 1965 video of “shell’s wonderful world of golf” on the web, if you want to scope it out and/or see the changes over the decades.

Bell Bay in Baddeck has hosted the Cape Breton open (Mackenzie tour) in the past. It’s got some nice holes and great views of bell bay. If you’re around in the evening, you must go to Baddeck lobster supper.

Portage is an interesting track in the Acadian part of CB, worth the drive.

Then there are the Cabot courses. Keep the best for last and try to finish your trip here.

A great alternative to the Cabot resort are the Inverness beach village cottages. Basic accommodations for up to 3, water view cottage with a kitchenette, deck and walking access to the beach for less than $200/night. Beach is fantastic, but water will be cold outside of July and August.

Courses are challenging, playful and are beautifully routed on amazing land. No range at the links course, need to take a 5 minute shuttle to cliffs. Public house had a great vibe when we visited, cold beer, good food and nice patio. Glenora distillery about 30 minutes away is worth checking out for a tour and whiskey tasting.

There are tons of hiking trails, and the Cabot trail is a beautiful scenic drive.

Strongly recommended bucket list trip.