Buffalo Ridge or Ozarks National? Or something else?

The clubhouse over by Ozarks National is complete now. There still isn’t really a parking lot over there, but the guys should shuttle you over to that area when you arrive.

Played there last month. Course was ridiculously fun. Great condition. Tons of width and very playable for high handicappers. We didn’t walk, but it is very walk able, most tee boxes are right off of the greens.

We played Buffalo Ridge as well. Course was in great condition. It was hard as shit. Such a perfect comparison and contrast between what Fazio and Coore/Crenshaw are alll about.


I think ON it would be a tough walk because of the slopes, and elevation changes. There are some distances between holes (the bridge stands out in my mind). Though, I could be jaded from it being cart path only that day.

There are a lot of tees close to greens, and the Par 5 green next to the Par 3 tee (can’t remember if this is 7/8 or 11/12) might be too close. :wink:

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Buffalo Ridge would be tough to walk. I’ve only ever ridden in a cart when I’ve played it.

Yes, it is very hilly. I don’t remember a bridge, unless you are talking about the one from the Mountain Top pro shop over to ON.

100% agree with you about 7/8 being TOO close. Lots of fairway woods trying to reach that green in two will end up on that tee box just off to the right.

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The bridge at Ozarks National… it is between holes. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone about to play it but it certainly stands out!

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Thanks for the heads-up guys, all great info to have. We’ll just make the walk/ride call when we get there. Sounds like green to tee walks are generally pretty short though, so that’s good to hear.

As a bridge engineer, I am now seriously intrigued!

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Oh man, you are going to love it! Please report back :star_struck:

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I was looking at all this earlier because I wondered where they were going with all these new courses. Half of Tiger’s course will overlay the original front 9 of Murder Rock and about half of C&C’s course overlays the back 9, basically, with the other halves of each being new land. Player’s 13-hole par 3 fits in there a little bit too, but doesn’t use much space.

That bridge!

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Made it out to Ozarks National this afternoon for my first trek around a Coore & Crenshaw course. It did not disappoint! It’s a really fun course that I can only imagine would get better each time you played it. Partly for realizing the slopes, but then also understanding the surrounds on the blind shots. Sometimes they leave you with a little more room than you can see, especially for the first time around. The fairways are very wide with few forced-carries, but good bunker placement and elevation change.

My only negative is that the yardage book left a little bit to be desired. It was pretty basic - odd selection of tee yardages and no way of knowing pin locations or green depths. This led to a few times being short-sided, or driving straight into the shit. All in all, though, very fun!

We walked the twilight rate, teed off at 4. #carryyourclubs And that was perfect because there was nobody within 9 holes of us. Other than a couple back and front nine holes crossing, we never saw anyone. Also, we got that low sunlight right at the end of the round which was gorgeous.



Yes, that bridge!

It’s awesome to see the changes in the course from season to season. Don’t put too much into these photos as this was very much out of season and still early on in their soft opening.

This was my first C&C course as well, and I’ve become a huge fan of their work. Also played We-Ko-Pa Saguaro in January and it was incredible as well. Definitely will be looking for their courses as I travel over the years.


Crazy stuff happening in MO. Tiger’s course will be the tipping point for golf travel in the state.

Hey fellas - Looking at a Big Cedar trip this fall. Has anybody had success staying off the main resort and still feeling like they got the experience / were able to access everything? The actual resort is really booked up this autumn.

In the same vein - Has anybody played in late October - Mid November? Playing with fire on the weather here I know

I haven’t been before, but there’s a large group of Refugees heading down in late October. I believe the trip is full, but they could probably give you some guidance on lodging options.

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Thanks man @ericrbens

There are several cabins within 8-10 miles of the courses and in my experience, the group you go with is what makes it. Staying at Big Cedar’s resort does put a different feel on it because of how well they execute the hospitality piece… just takes it over the top. With that being said–plan on at minimum $250/night for lodging per guy.

I live in Tulsa which is just a few hours away so we generally like to find a cabin with a firepit and a grill because it’s much more cost efficient. I believe last time we went we stayed in a 4 bedroom cabin that slept 8 (4 guys total) and for 3 nights (checked in Thursday and checked out Sunday) it was like $950 after taxes and all that.

Ozark and Buffalo are great and Payne’s valley is out of this world but man do not sleep on Ledgestone CC or Branson Hills–both are fantastic courses that are very well maintained. Neither of them are as hard on the budget either. I’m going back up on Oct. 5 to play Payne’s Valley and Ledgestone. Hope y’all enjoy!


Did this trip in June with some buds, driving over from Tulsa for a long weekend. We grabbed an Airbnb about 10-15 minutes away and didn’t feel like the hospitality/vibe missed out on outweighed how much we saved.

By not shelling out, we had more pocket change for good dinners out, aggressive gambling on course, and ending up walking Mountain Top an extra loop because it may be the best experience for a group of buddies all weekend on property.

Wouldn’t fault anyone for wanting the “C Suite” experience of staying on property and all that, but 10/10 would tell you save on lodging and spend that extra money elsewhere towards the experience.

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Is the weather nice enough to pull something off in December or November? Thinking maybe get Ozarks National and Paynes Valley in. I saw that Ozarks National is closed in January and February.

It can be, but I wouldn’t plan a big trip down there in November/December with a bunch of people flying in for four days of golf. If you live within driving distance, it’s easy enough to check the weekend forecast a few days out, and pull the trigger if the weather cooperates. Tee times and hotels will be easy to come by even on the random 55° days in December.