Bucket Hat Recommendation


Just in time for the July 4th holiday - I am trying to bite the bullet on a bucket hat for Golf, pool, beach time. I am fully embracing my dad status and with my wife recently undergoing a procedure for skin cancer - it’s time I start protecting myself as well.

I bought an imperial hat (can’t figure out the model) and don’t like its shape. Looking at the Nike bucket hat, but haven’t tried it on yet. I tend to be looking for a Cartbarnguys-esque bucket shape.

What are your bucket hat recommendations?


I’ve used an Outdoor Research Sun Hat for a number of years and I’ve been please with it. The chin strap is removable and there’s a drawstring on the crown to keep it snug if it’s windy. Nice wide brim and it doesn’t have a giant contrasting company logo on it.


Thanks for posting. I found them on Amazon. For whatever reason, the Khaki was much cheaper than the other colors…khaki it is. I’ve been thinking about buying one of these style hats for awhile, so I appreciate the recommendation.


Those Nike ones are great. Light and if you have the right size, they fit very nicely. Won’t fall off but it isn’t tight either.


Just got the new Titlist aussie hat. Great hat with a brim that doesnt move in the wind.


I feel like they run a bit small


I have a Buck Club one from ZB/Imperial. It’s sick. Might be too good.


I’m a 7 3/4 hat size and wear the large aussie hat. Its snug but not uncomfortable.


Do you know what model it is?


The Schuster Bucket From imperial


Username checks out.


Imperial sun hats, not necessarily bucket but super light with great coverage


I’ve had success this summer with this hat from Coolibar. Pretty nondescript logo, it stays on during windy rounds and it doesn’t look too bad.


Doubt you can find better quality than Tilley.

Tilley Hats