Brooks vs. Everyone


It mostly depends on management, and media strategy within management. Some people just don’t get it. I tried for the better part of a year before he was even a major champion, and it got kicked down the road so many times that I just gave up.

It’s amazing how easy some guests are to get and to work with. And it’s amazing how hard some are. There was a week that Kevin Na turned us down, and Rory said he’d do two hours. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it.

Would LOVE to do a Bryson pod.


If Brooks was given a list of talking points for the podcast that included Monday legs and biceps, Tuesday arms and back, Wednesday abs and shoulders, Thursday Cardio, Friday triceps and light stretch, I’m sure he would be all in.


“i dont want to go to the party, i’d rather stay home. but an invite would be nice”


I think that’s half the problem. management. i get the need for it, but above all else, be a human being.

today BK may not be the most interesting cat, but his backstory and teeth cutting in Europe is very interesting to me. i could listen to 2 hours of just that. screw his pga tour and major success.


I’m actually surprised he hasn’t accepted an invitation. Especially considering how well it went with DJ.

IMO, he can’t have it both ways when it comes to media coverage. He was and presumably is still pissed at Shipnuck over the piece on his trainer. Could the fact no one in the “mainstream” golf media requests him be a show of support to one of their own?


Deep-state golf media shadowban theories?


I read Emma too.


The one meme to encapsulate Brooks’ recent quotes:


He can’t complain that no one wants to talk to him when he never says anything interesting when he does have the opportunity to talk.


He’s going down the wrong path. He’s going to be/ is the complain-y version of DJ.


The only thing more douchey than his attitude is his choice of beer.


Money is money. I’ll be the official golfer of Buschhhhhh Light if they pay me. (probably even if they don’t)


TBH I totally forgot he existed yesterday


It’s like punishment - he’s for sure going to view his pod placement as a slight. Although, I’m all for a Koepka/Finau pairing if that’s the idea here.



gotta say i kinda like those.

brooks plays 3 team matches and plays with both webb and tony.
bubba plays 1 with webb


Where is this article from?


This KVV article was pretty solid. Found myself alternating between liking and hating Brooks as I read thru it. He’s a complicated dude.


Oh it’s just a bait click article from USA Today. A chance for the writer to use “Tiger” and “Phil” in a headline even though there’s likely zero substance to what he’s reporting beyond who guys happened to play their practice round with today.

But I do stand by the point that I could absolutely see Brooks being quietly pissed that he ended up playing in the foursome that he did.


I liked this one a lot as well. While it said basically the same thing as most of the other stories on the topic and used some of the same quotes/references, it just seemed…better?


Oh Agreed, Brooks gets slighted by everything - I think it’s the only thing that keeps him motivated since he doesn’t even like Golf…