Brooks vs. Everyone


It’s hard to come up with emotion for Brooks when we haven’t seen him struggle, he just showed up and started taking all the majors. DJ is easy to pull for—-how many times have we watched him get the raw end of the stick? He has battled back from BS bunkers, missed tap ins, cocaine, Augusta stairways—-and has always portrayed a positive attitude on the course. DJ has been more positive in defeat than Brooks has been after a major win. We want to see an underdog or a comeback win, not a perfect golfer that seems to have no struggles with a game that constantly tortures us.


So after a couple of days of this, it appears that Brooks Koepka = Tim Duncan. Elite level in his craft, and boring.


@Randy went with Kyrie. Little more flair to his game than the “big fundamental”


Brooks = Kawhi : Incredible talent and regarded as one of the top young players yet still flies under the radar, has won on the biggest stage, fairly quiet, might be kind of a dick.

Also the Tiger = D Rose comp is insulting at this point. Might need to revisit this whole thing.


This is odd…

Brooks and the horse chiropractor


Just found out Brooks Koepka graduated from college with a degree in Geography. Being a Geography Major myself I think I am now obligated to join the Brooks bandwagon.

So suck it Shipnuck




You will always get rep from me for Arrested Development references.


Brooks strikes again. Love this article – Brooks simultaneously acts pissed nobody wants to talk to him while saying he doesn’t care and calling other golfers kiss-ups for being nice to the media.


quite frankly, i’m already getting tired of this. Brooks might but, but doesn’t appear interesting at all. He’s a gym rat with serious game and a ton of confidence.

Other that that, all he’s given us is a curated social media presence geared towards his sponsors and brand…and cmon “bro”, Michelob Ultra???

Love the cockiness of “when i’ve just won”, however.


His comments are dripping with insecurity. Just over the top bravado about how he “doesn’t care” when he quite obviously does if he comments on it this much.

I hope DJ or JT wins this week and they are named Player of the Year by the writers just to spite him and force him to double down on his disdain for the media even more.


Brooks is screaming for a podcast invite @Soly


I should clarify – I love the absurdity of it. I like Brooks less.


Playing devil’s advocate, it is weird though right? There are 30 guys at East Lake this week, and Brooks isn’t one of the guys invited to do media? I also don’t like his “I don’t care, but secretly I care a whole lot” attitude he has going, but honestly he has a right to be a little pissed off.


I didn’t think the first couple of quotes in the article were too bad, particularly in light of the context that someone sought him out to ask him the question about not being interviewed…but then it kind of went off the rails at the end.

He says he doesn’t care about not being interviewed, in much the same way my wife says she’s “fine”…


If he just called it out and said “What the hell guys, I win 3 majors in two years and you STILL don’t bother asking to talk me? That’s fucked up!” - nobody would hold it against him, and he’d probably gain some fanfare actually.

It’s the “but I don’t care - I’m just here to golf” comment that he always throws in that turns people off to the routine.


I’ve tried!


It’s interesting. He obviously does care, suggesting he has learned to care less. Doesn’t mean he does not care at all. I think I get what he means.

Brooks has to know that despite winning three of the last seven majors he doesn’t come across as really, really interesting. And if he’s knocking back an NLU pod invite he is not helping himself cultivate a better media profile. Which he needs to - it is professional sports in 2018.

Still, he should have been invited to appear at the press tent. OWGR #2 and latest major winner.

The sucky comment I find a little weird. Wonder what he’d say about the way Arnie worked back in the day.


He seems like type who wants people to ask just so he can act annoyed and turn them down.


I’m actually surprised that didn’t work the first time you tried. I have NO knowledge of how booking interviews work with public figures, but the caliber of guests you have really make me think there’s no limit to your reach. There are a few obvious ones based on the general takes of the group, but BK is one I thought would really enjoy a full spotlight on him, especially with how your interviews are structured around backstory and getting to know the person, not the golfer.

With that being said, the Bryson thread is turning a bid tide with the Refugee sentiment on the guy. He’s amazing, I need an interview. I need 2 interviews.