Broken driver shaft into fairway wood shaft?


So I broke my EvenFlow at the adapter and for whatever reason unnamed OEM won’t warranty it. I’m curious, can I trim it right after the break and replace the adapter, maybe butt trim it a bit and use it in my 3 or 5 wood? I realize it’ll be stiffer but being tipped 1.5" isn’t that crazy and those are pretty soft shafts… I’d prob do 5 wood b/c I’m very happy w/ my 3 right now.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Should be fine, check the specs on the shaft and see what they recommend. A lot of wood shafts will use the same for Driver/ 3w/ 5w etc and specify tip trimming. If it is one where it’s a driver only shaft you’re basically rolling the dice on how it’ll actually play but since you have the shaft already you can always take the tip back off and get another shaft.