Brendon Todd pod

Excellent interview with Todd @Soly!
Quite an amazing story.
I unfairly thought he was a bit of a dope but he proved me wrong. Seems like an intelligent, introspective guy.

Check it out y’all.


More details please. What’s Todd pod?

Latest NLU podcast with Brendan Todd.

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Interesting that he spoke to a guy that dealt with a stammer/performance anxiety. I noticed a very slight speech impediment on a few words, I think, so guessing that resonated even louder for him maybe? Also seem to remember it coming up in a previous podcast but I can’t remember who it was with… @Soly?

Enjoyed it, but halfway through I felt like it needed a Trigger Warning: yip talk


Can anyone provide a review of the Bradley Hughes e-book?

I was looking for a thread to place my accolades. Glad to see it has begun.

@Soly does such a good job of making sure the entire story gets told without forcing a narrative. Can’t be easy. Very respectful and encouraging.

Not just on this pod of course but for some reason it really stuck out here. Well done.

I’m not sure if this is what you’re thinking of, but Tron spoke about his stuttering issues on a previous pod.


Could well have been, good call. Though I seem to remember @Tron relating it to someone/something else, too :thinking:

My PTSD definitely flared up.

I loved hearing about how he put it all back together. Made me forget about all the yip talk.

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He did. It was on the heels of the Christiaan Bezuidenhout win on the Euro Tour. Rat poison consumption lead to nervous system damage, including stutter.


Shoutout to the title of this thread, by the way. This can be the space to discuss the podcast and determine what three players will get along and pair best with BT at Whistling in 2020 :wink:

Excuse you, that’s member of my Faux-Lex Series team Christiaan Bezuidenhout.

Thank You for your service.

(Always wanted to say that…)

Todd going for the 3 peat!

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Is it too late to pull the Fowler invite for the President’s Cup and get this guy on the team?

Editorial discretion is tough; it frequently presents an author with imperfect choices. This pod presented such a moment, when Todd named (and, to my ear, softly criticized) a swing coach with whom he worked briefly and unsuccessfully.

Again, editorial hindsight is 20/20 — but I would have edited out the swing coach’s name. This name-drop does him no favors, and without allowing for his side of the story.

Hm. I thought Todd did a very good job at saying that the coach was good at his job, and that Todd wasn’t ready for what he was teaching or it just didn’t work for him. I wondered about it too when I heard that part but I thought they did a good job of not disparaging his name.


Definitely disagree. It’s not the job of the media member to prevent a public figure from disparaging another. (Not saying it was particularly disparaging, just don’t think it’s NLU’s job to protect either Todd or the coach. Their obligation is only to fairly present what was said in the context it was said.)


Censorship is a very dangerous road to travel, and it hurts NLU’s image both with the audience and with prospective interviewees.