Brazen Head 12 - King-Collins is Coming Down to the Delta

I’m sure many of y’all have seen the Twitter account of Brazen Head 12. From the bio of the profile and a series of tweets a month or so ago its plan is to be a “unique 12 hole course” by KIng-Collins.

The idea of having 3,6,9, and 12 hole loops sounds very intriguing, but I am curious to see how the viability of playing different subset loops will work with multiple groups on the course. You can’t have 10 foursomes on 12 holes hoping between different pairings of holes without it being a complete cluster f***. I imagine even more so than Sweetens has become they are going to try and sell it as a whole day rental course.

There are probably here in the Refuge that are much more connected to the project than I am. Being only 3 hours from Jackson, MS I am very curious about what this course is to become.

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