Brad Faxon podcast

Anyone interested in improving their game is D to listen to this. It’s like an ESPN instant classic if that still exists. For the first time in my life I parked and stayed in the car to let them finish the conversation before going in to work. And I can’t even drive and listen fully cause every other sentence is really really good. I’m rewinding the tape about every three minutes to really think about what Faxon said. And i just finished watching that Chris como episode with Faxon and recently watched the ridyrd youtube wedge episode with Faxon. And there’s a ton of new ground here. So damn good. Thanks guys.

I mean I probably like other podcasts more —Jason Bohn and Danielle Kang from an entertainment perspective, but from a student of golf game perspective—listening to Faxon about golf and his experiences and how to get better, this is pure gold.

It’s almost unfair that tourist sauce comes out same time because this podcast deserves undivided attention.


I got DEEP into putting thoughts last night listening to this one…


Strokes gained, attitude :100:


Loved this pod. Also, major shoutout to @Soly for the quality of interviewing. You were never bad, in fact always pretty good, but it has been really fun to listen to how much you’ve improved as an interviewer over the years. Knowing how and when to ask good/tough questions, not shying away from much, developing great rapport, keeping it fun and engaging… I know it’s not easy to do that and you make it seem easy. Could have listened to many more hours of Faxon, that was a lot of fun.


Agree with everything said here. From a conversation standpoint, it was as natural and free flowing as any pod Soly’s ever done. And Faxon is a guy I could listen to talk for hours and hours. Need to get him back on at least one or two more times.


Just like Faxon’s bowels


Not just as an interviewer. I’m rewatching tourist sauce Scotland and it’s almost a drinking game about @Soly afraid to go low. Or a meme for young guis. Fast forward couple years and our hero (I mean @Randy is my personal hero of course but the royal our hero, soly is now deep in the plus range and mastering the fine art of reading bent grass greens. It’s kind of awesome to have these points of reference recorded for posterity.

Also to hear the readings from the book of yardage make it all worthwhile.


I found myself wondering how (if?) he read any putts in that 29. Imagine it would precarious to get into a squat for any length of time.


Maybe Camilo Villegas has IBS:


I’m actually really interested in the session of Faxon working with Rory that Soly got to watch. The NLU/Rory relationship seemingly has had some peaks and valleys going from a hurt Rory calling into the podcast just because he was bored and wanted to talk golf to the offhand comments that Rory has distanced himself a bit after the Golfpass/Carson Daly podcast started.

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I saved the pod until after work so I could putt while listening to it and it was probably not the best idea because I was so engrossed in Faxon that I couldn’t focus on practicing


Haven’t listened yet but the reference to Faxon’s hair has to be tongue in cheek, right? Guy has some of the worst TV head of hair I’ve ever seen.

I could have listened to this for hours. Probably my favorite NLU podcast.

Faxon seems like a great dude and isntantly vaulted up the list for a dream foursome.

@Soly - fantastic job with the interview. You are getting really good. So much better than other golf related stuff.


Agree with all the comments on @Soly & his interviewing style on this one. Got the balance of asking a variety of questions, having enough background knowledge & then letting Faxon run with the responses. Really enjoyed this one, will definitely listen again as my putting could use some polish :flushed:


Thanks all! Been trying for awhile to get Brad on, and it just hasn’t worked out. It was crazy lucky how it actually did.

I told Rory I was coming down and wanted to see if he wanted to grab coffee, not expecting it to work as he’s busy every time I’ve been down to west palm. Coffee got bumped to lunch, Rory said something to Brad about doing the NLU pod, Faxon wanted to see Rory before he left for Asia, and it weaved into me somehow getting to watch their practice session. If you can’t tell from me geeking out on the podcast about it, it was one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do. I could not believe that I got to watch and chat with one of the two best players in the world, and one of the best putters ever.

And then sit with Brad in his office, sipping nice tequila, and barely scratching the surface on all of the things I wanted to talk to him about. And it’s all on tape for golf fans to hear. One of those days that made me appreciative as hell for what we get to do for a living.


We stay in contact some, but definitely not as much as late 2016 early 2017. This is speculation, but I would guess that the success of the podcasts we recorded had a lot to do with he and his team pursuing their own thing, rather than giving insanely valuable exposure to someone else. I mean, it literally changed our lives forever. It’s insane to look back on and think about that happening.

He still keeps up with what’s going on with NLU, and thought the Randy/dead bit was fantastic. I was really refreshed to see that he’s still the same guy.


Just your typical morning for the C-Suite.

Life’s just a wee bit different now, huh?

Love it…


@Soly gets to zip down to Bear’s Club, hang with Rory on the range & drink tequila before sleeping it off in Faxon’s guest suite.

@Randy gets to spend a cold 10 hours with Refugees at Avon Fields, eat Skyline Chili & drink Budweiser draft before sharing a 2 bedroom Air B&B with Laz & Nandy.

Here’s to the Good Life!


I’m picking up on shades of jealousy here!


This was a great pod. Really enjoyed it.