BMW Charity Pro-AM: Soly vs. Tron


@Tron, can you expand a bit on what it was like to play in the Mizzen & Main dress shirt? I randomly picked one of those up a year or two ago on a steep discount, and it’s actually great for the office in the summer, but can’t say I’ve ever taken it out on the course. Curious as to your thoughts about playability? Is it possible that Phil is losing a half-stroke per round, or are double-barrel cuffs yet another secret to the short game?


Not going to lie, Tron wore the Mizzen & Main much better than Phil. It actually looked not bad.


How impressive is it that Curtis Luck made the cut at the Masters at 20 years old, only hitting a fade off the tee?

Either speaks to his potential, or that you don’t need to hit a draw at Augusta. Possibly both.


This was a great event. The playing partners were great and I now follow both of them on Twitter. For 2019 BMW Pro-AM I would like to campaign for @djpie VS Big Randy. While Randy’s reporting would be missed and I am not sure if either of them qualifies for the “low handicap” category it would be a nice change. @Soly is now on the professional Pro-AM circuit and @Tron 's game is now well documented. We need to butter cut and whatever Randy brings to the table in 2019.


Still haven’t seen anything on winners of the raffle and wondering if anybody has received word on the results yet.


Winners are announced. Check the homepage. Tron wrote them up.


Anyone get an email yet from the guys on how to get your winnings from the raffle? I know @Tron has been pretty covered up earning ZB two stroke penalties and losing his job as a caddy.


i did not get an email yet on how to get my winnings yet, i assume it should be coming soon though.


I just got my email today about the raffle winnings so I’d assume everyone will be contacted soon.


Tron is reaching out to all the winners directly. If you won you should hear from him today, tomorrow at the latest. Appreciate the patience.


Just recieved a Thank You letter from @Soly @Tron @djpie @TheMerchCzar and @Randy for donating. A very unexpected gesture, but it says a lot about the character of the boys down at the Kill House.


That’s the Mike Whan effect. Very cool of them.


That’s awesome. Shout out to the guys for being good ass dudes.


Hey! I also had a thank you letter waiting on me when I came home. I was not expecting one as I was on the lower end of the donation spectrum ($20; 10 on Tron, 10 on Soly because I am risk averse to a fault). So, it was a cool surprise. And, the letter had a NLU sticker…my first piece of NLU gear. It is now proudly attached to my iPad case.

Thanks to the NLU crew!

P.S. The letter was written really well. It definitely was not a generic “thank you” cranked out in five minutes.