BMW Charity Pro-AM: Soly vs. Tron


If you want to follow live scoring, follow these instructions:


If you have a free account, you can create a “My Leaderboard.” This will allow you to add Tron, Soly, and any other group to a personalized leaderboard that enables you to quickly find specific players.


If you’re serious, I’ll put $50 USD on Tron +125 “Two or More Penalty Drops” prop. Venmo or PayPal works for me.


I wish I were serious…If I could actually handicap this I think my wife would leave me and get full custody. Googles how to quickly learn how to handicap sports bets


Consider running a prop board with your regular group. It’s very lucrative as people tend to think they are much better than they actually are.


Feeling pretty good about the $50 I put on #TeamTron last night.


How are they in the group called “High Handicap Celebrities” when Soly is practically a scratch and Tron is a 6?


I thought the same…it took me a couple of minutes to find them…that’s why I posted the URL.


man, I wish I could watch a Web event IRL

too bad they don’t come anywhere remotely close to the NY metro area


They must have had a mixup when they first posted it because now they’re listed under low-handicap amateurs.


I was honestly questioning the “celebrities” part of it as well, so now that it’s fixed it all makes sense.


I think they caught on to Tron’s sandbagging.


Nah…they’re internet famous.


Twins are two and are a handful. Ill likely be out with my older two and dad tomorrow at Thornblade weather permitting. see you out there. #teamTron


Just wanted to say that I thought your Azinger podcast was one of the best ever.


I completely agree. It was spectacular. Almost as much as seeing the @Tron and @Soly scores with their Webbys yesterday and today. TeamSoly making moves today.


Have the winners already been drawn? Anyone win big?


Mainly due to the weather, I was only able to make it out to the Friday round up at the Cliffs. That one is the furthest from downtown Greenville, and for that reason - and I assume the iffy forecast and that it was the middle of a weekday - there weren’t a ton of spectators out there. Lots of Packers fans out to see Aaron Rogers, one guy in a Dunder Mifflin shirt apparently there to see David Wallace, and one guy in an NLU hat - me. Also there may have been people there to see Larry the Cable Guy, but I hope not. Anyway, caught up with the group around the middle of their round and spent the afternoon watching them with DJ and Big Randy. Fun couple of guys to watch some golf with. Good guys all around, really enjoyed getting to meet them.

Other notes: The Cliffs was a pretty course, and more walkable than I expected with it being up towards the mountains. Overall the vibe was pretty laid back and fun. I’d definitely go again and check out the other courses, though I’m told the other two don’t have quite the appeal visually.

David Wallace is very nice, and Larry the Cable Guy appeared to have a security entourage and was playing golf in work gloves, because once you get popular enough, your lame shtick becomes a prison you can’t escape.


were the winners drawn for the raffle yet? It said the 19th but i didnt see anything


I think the guys said it would be tonight (5/22) on the BMW recap podcast. They said they wanted to all be in Jacksonville for it.


thanks! wasnt able to listen to the podcast yet.