BMW Charity Pro-AM: Soly vs. Tron


Team Soly needs to come out in white belts and any other Tron fashion faux pas they can think of. Get in his head before the tourney even starts.


I was thinking that for Tron. Come rocking the Skechers, white belt, blade collar, Blu Blocker shades and just get Soly rattled.


Look forward to meeting you out there - always cool to hear stuff like that, makes this really rewarding to hear personal stories. How old are your twins now?


Has anyone been to this event before? How easy is it to get around with strollers? Bringing the 8-month old to her first tournament and trying to figure out how that will work logistically but the tournament’s site leaves something to be desired in terms of information.


Definitely depends on which course - Furman would be a super-easy lift to get to with a stroller and infant, as the parking lot is right there.

The main host course at Thornblade is pretty hilly around the clubhouse but a great deal of the front nine is pretty flat and walkable. Toughest part of Thornblade would be getting to/from the parking lot w/ stroller. Volunteers are v helpful though and I’d say go for it.


“Tron Carter is a feeeble man.”

Thoroughly enjoyed Soly’s “commercial” for the Pro Am battle.


Tronaldinho has some work to do in response…


How saucy was the one handed catch of the driver after he let it go in that video though? @Tron


Need some insider tips…who does @RaynorMan have money on?


After the Ace yesterday, i’m pretty tempted to throw my lot in with Team Tron. If so, I’ll need to assist #thecause and heckle Soly a bit to throw him off his game.

Important question: If I yell “Get in the bunker” after Soly’s tee shots, is he going to have me thrown out in a show of solidarity with our newly-crowned world #1?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One can only hope.


TV coverage seems to be two hours each day beginning Thursday but I’m not seeing anything on the @Soly or @Tron featured groups. Any word on where this coverage is available? I can’t think of any better way to follow the stacked groups from The Players than by giving the people what they want in some NLU featured groups.


We need someone on the ground Periscoping. Can we get @djpie on this?


Hey, I bought a raffle ticket, but forgot to identify a team? How do I update this?


I saw that Mizzen + Main may be doing the scripting for Tron. Can we get them to set him up with a long sleeve with blade collar?


Here are the latest Vegas odds on the first round for Tron and Soly, as well as prop bets:

Head-to-Head Line: Tron +110; Soly -105

Over/Under Gross Score:
Tron: (82) over +130, under -195

Soly: (76) over +140, under -190

Tron’s First Hole: Natural Eagle or better -1000; Birdie -150; Par -125; Bogey ±100; Double or worse +125

Soly’s First Hole: Natural Eagle or better -600; Birdie -135, Par -105; Bogey +95; Double or worse +190

First Person to Point at Wayward Drive:
Tron -190
Soly +195

Two or More Penalty Drops in First Round
Tron +125
Soly -175

Spectator Gets Drilled by Tee Shot from Tron or Soly
Yes: +300
No: -175

Driver off the Deck by Tron or Soly
Yes: ±100
No: ±100

Feel free to add your own.


Need over/unders on number of putts walked in and total number of club twirls during a round.


Tron and Soly’s group is book-ended on two of the first three days by Mike Weir in one and Willie Robertson in the other. Surely there will be big crowds out there to see a former Masters champion and the Duck Man. Lot of pressure on Tron to perform.

Seriously though the weather outlook is not great. All the tee times are early morning, I assume to build in time for delays.


The biggest question is who is Omar? Maybe that’s Tron and Soly is McNulty…


I can’t decide if betting on both teams is because you both have equal chances or I have too little faith in either one. I guess it’s more about the charity. #TeamTron #TeamSoly