BMW Charity Pro-AM: Soly vs. Tron



We’re turning the head to head showdown between myself and Tron into a charity fundraiser. We’ve chosen the Evans Scholar Foundation, and the Greenville Health System Children’s Hospital as the two recipients.

More details are included in the link below, but essentially, if you buy a raffle ticket, you can enter yourself onto Team Tron or Team Soly. If your team wins the best ball event, you’re entered into a raffle for some great prizes from Callaway and BMW, as well as NLU merchandise.

The goal of this is obviously to have some fun, and to raise some money for some great charities. We encourage you guys to #GetInvolved, pick a side, and let the trash talk commence. We’ll have some attack ads and some more content related to this leading up to the event, but raffle tickets are open. Choose your alliance carefully, and let us know if there are any questions.


What handicaps are you playing with?


All in for team @Tron



Dropped some greenbacks on Team @Soly . He’s been there so many times before. Knows how to channel that Pro AM pressure. Team @Tron will feel the pressure of redeeming the family name on a big stage. Final result, @Soly wins 5&4. If The Franchise is on Tronald’s bag we could be in for an upset. If there is anything more powerful than the “Podcast Bump”, it’s “The Franchise Bump”.


I’m on 2.1. Tron is around a 7 I believe, though it’s suspiciously unverified.


As if I wasn’t excited enough that I’ll be on-site for this, but now there’s active rooting interest. Team Soly.


Though I reserve the right to hedge once the playing partners are revealed.


Also the list of 2018 celebrities playing is on their site now and it’s a fascinating mix.

Please put the Larry the Cable Guy/Bill Engvall/Duck Dynasty man trio all in the same general vicinity so I can stay away from that area.


@Soly has got to be considered a big favorite here, and that’s exactly why I think @Tron is going to go into peak Rocky III beach training mode. It’s documented that his 100 yard and in wedge game is broken, I have to assume he’s scheduling secret trips to work with DJ’s trackman.


Ok. I’m all-in on this. If I can’t make it to SC, PLEASE provide significant #content.

Cash money is going in on Team @Soly.


Oh there will most definitely be content.


Being a CPA, I think you can understand the alarm of you giving your index and @Tron just as a simple integer.


I’m confused. Why aren’t Soly and Tron listed on the celebs list?


Literally unknowable.


Just wanted to emphasize the official nature of my registered handicap, and the shifty nature of Tron’s estimate. V crooked. Do you want to support crookedness? That’s up for you to decide.


Tron describing his “official” handicap to others:


I think the real question is what characters from the wire are you guys??


@Soly @Tron what kind of side bets are you guys working with? Loser has to shave their head, well in Tron’s case his beard? You guys should put something up like that as well. It could have an interesting turnout.


Not that this is anything like playing in a Tour Pro-am, but a few months ago I played at Queen’s Harbor in the Saturday morning game. I used to play there a lot when I lived in Duval and had around a 0-2 handicap. That was a long, long time ago and now I may play 4 times a year. 1 of those rounds will normally be a nice mid 70’s round where it all clicks somehow. I don’t even keep a handicap anymore, but my buddy that is a member there put me down at a 12 without me knowing. TWELVE!!! So we go out and play and go off 10 and right out of the bat I carve a nice fade to about 15 ft and barley miss the putt, then drain a 25 footer on 11 for birdie, we just kind of looked at each other and I said, “Ugh oh” then proceeded to shoot a very easy 75 and win 7 skins and all the money from the game. Luckily, none of the older members that would have remembered me were playing that day. I retired from any money games until I can play more and have a legit handicap, I caused quite an uproar. Best part is last time I was down and played the course I think I shot a 93.


Will gladly contribute here. My twins were in NICU here at the Gville Children’s Hospital and those people are miracle workers. Great choice for a charity. I’ll see you guys out there