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I think it’s a skill you can get back through practice with time and perseverance.

At first glance the photos are very good.

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Any particular topic you’re looking at? If you care to share.

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I’m a script analyst, which is fancy way of saying a writer/editor for screenplays. Always happy to talk about writing.



I know James Dodson has done something similar with Final Rounds, but I’d like to do something focused on how the game is passed from generation to generation within families.

I was lucky to have grown up with a teaching pro for a dad, and the bond that we shared (and that my dad shared with his dad) over the game was extraordinary. It became even more profound to me when he got ill and eventually passed away.

Everyone knows the stories of the Justin Thomases of the world and how the sport is truly a family one, but what about the people who don’t have the camera on them every day? There are probably so many stories about families who have shared the game in a meaningful way that is far more representative of the “average” golfer that I think would be wonderful to tell.


I mean if anyone wanted a fun project, something I’ve always had in my mind was something fun and informational I dubbed “House of Lies”. Kind of a mix of how to play various shots from different lies and fun stories revolving around those particular moments whether professionally or just fun stories from random golfers like everyone on the Refuge.


Thank you very much! And thanks to @auribe14 for getting you the link. Been doing it for more than 6 years now.


Great thread, thanks for starting this @LivingLagunaLoca

I started blogging this year just as an outlet to share ideas/concepts that get me excited about golf. I haven’t written a lot this summer because I have been playing golf and because writing isn’t my “default”. When I have down time and after I get chores done around the house, I want to read, watch YouTube, scroll through social media or play video games. While I enjoy all of those things, I am hoping to get in the habit where my default is to write. Writing is like working out for me, it is hard for me to start but once I do, I am always glad it did it.

Looking forward to following this thread.


Love the name and the concept. Almost like the way I lie to myself about this low rising cut I’m gonna hit under a tree limb aiming at the left bunker with the plan of it hitting the green, only for me to chunk it 30 ft into the base of an even bigger tree trunk.

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I can understand that. My blogging slowed down when COVID hit cause I do a lot of my writing on flights. With no work travel it’s hard to find quiet time at home with a toddler to focus on writing. I’ve found it best to get out of the house for a couple here or there to a coffee shop or restaurant to write, which works for me since I’m typically writing about food.

Maybe consider going to a course with your laptop, going to a hole that you love or gives you ideas or inspiration, and finding a bench or just sit down on the ground and write.


I have enjoyed reading your site! I have mulled the idea of doing something similar. I will continue to be a follower!


Thanks very much. I’ll keep doing my best.

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I tried to write something similar myself.


Spent a few years as a news and then sports journalist, wrote for a mountain bike magazine for a few years, then like @BillyBaroo got into corporate/government communications.

I used to blog a bit, but the problem always was writing regularly, rather than when I felt like it or was inspired to. Sometimes I’d bang out three things in a week; other times I wouldn’t feel like writing anything for six months. That’s always been the hardest thing for me, and I haven’t written anything for years. Doing it all day as a job kinda sucks your energy.


First, a caveat, I am by no means any sort of writer, I lean more on the “math nerd” side of the spectrum, but I do enjoy writing. I always find those short one page pieces at the end of the Golfer’s Journal to be fun so I submitted one a couple months back, but don’t think that’s going anywhere so might as well share with my internet friends. Hopefully this will keep me accountable to keep doing fun stuff like this!


I liked this, man. Whatever that’s worth. Well done.

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just submitted some probably not good enough writing to the journal, we’ll see.


Fucking eh! I’ve been thinking about doing that here soon. Or writing an essay even just for my own enjoyment and then seeing if that drives me to explore something to submit to the journal.

Best of luck to you!

Well considering you are seemingly the second person to read it, that does mean a lot! I appreciate it.

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