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Hi all,

I am a food blogger with desires of getting into blogging and writing about golf, but my current blog isn’t really a good fit for what I want to do.

I’d love to get connected to bloggers and writers, no matter the topic you write about, and see what other cool things are being worked on by y’all.

Secondly I think it would be very cool for the boys @Soly, @Tron, @djpie, @MerchCzar, and of course @Randy have ever considered creating an op-ed or guest blogger section to the site where maybe one or two bloggers or aspiring writers (for publications like Golfers Journal or could share their work each month.



I blogged for a bit and would maybe be interested? Unfortunately I don’t know much about playing the golfing, I just enjoy it.

But I like the idea and am into hearing a bit more if it ever gets going.

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Not yet, and I’m not even much of a writer but I’ve been toying with starting to write about golf mostly just to improve my writing skills. Main thing thats been holding me back is having no idea where to start

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You start with the first post. I started my blog in 2014, and had no idea what I was doing. You can start a blog for pretty much free nowadays on Wordpress or another blog host site.

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What was your blog about?

Everything. Had a few friends and we just wrote whatever. Did weekly posts for almost two years? Maybe not quite a full two. But it was fun. Did some interviews, sports stuff, music.

Actually, I did write a golf adjacent blog for a music site where I gave myself 18 holes to listen to a record and form an opinion of it, but it appears that site is no longer functioning.


That’s nice. How did you feel about the co-ownership of the vlog? That’s always made my worry some.

I ran everything, edited everything, posted everything, hosted everything, so it was very much “mine” with some cohorts.

Like I said, we did weekly, but like a dude would do one week, then take 4 weeks off, whatever. Sometimes it was funny, informative, whatever. Some real goofy shit on there, but also some stuff I’m really proud of, too. It’s not all great and some of it is really bad, but it was a damn fine time.

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Gotcha, editing and coming up with new topics always the hardest part.

I am a former professional sportswriter that has transitioned to a communications role within a school district. I have a paid substack for TCU football with my writing and podcast partner, and while we are very small and niche, we have a strong audience. We’re at, and we’re always looking for suggestions.


My rule was you could write about literally anything as long as you put in some effort. One of the dudes did like educational snips, I did a few “live” blogs of Blackhawks hockey games, did a mail bag, just whatever anyone wanted to do. It was more for the writers than the readers, most of the time. Hahahaha.

Nice, will have to check it out.

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Not a writer myself, but some great golf content over at that is worth checking out!


I’m a former sports reporter who now works in corporate communications. I’ve dabbled in some blogging in the past, and would be 100% down to get back into it.

The big thing I’m toying with right now is writing a book. Non fiction, about golf. It’s a bit of a pipe dream but I’d really, really love to get it off the ground. Even if it never becomes the 300 page book I’m currently envisioning.


I do a poorly written, decently photographed site chronicling my quest to play the Top 100 in America. As any good writer on golf, I try to let the pictures do most of the talking.


@xthrubyx @davidc

Hardcore music and golf blog. We’d have that shit covered. Ha


What’s the site? You’ve gotta share it with us now.

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I was supposed to do some blogging for a golf website and a Corvette website, but unfortunately my real job and then kids got in the way and I was never able to do it. One of my bigger regrets as I always enjoyed writing. And I feel like it’s something if you don’t do, you sort of “lose it” a little bit. I’d definitely be on board with writing something if anyone wants to set up a blog.

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I used to do a blog on the US Men’s National Soccer team called “FixtureWire” focusing on analytics, strategy, player identification and opinion.

Currently in the middle of writing 3 vastly different books.


Ummm. You’re going to feel real stupid for just a second…

www dot tigergolftraveler dot com