black iron finish

Got some P790’s in black and they’ve been fine when i use new golf balls, but had one solid range session with them and the finish is already worn to hell. Anyone else experience this?

I don’t have those clubs, but I do have a vokey sm7 in black. I’ll probably never get a black finish club again. Doesn’t look so sexy after many rounds.

Yea those are PVD finished they will wear quick, 400-700 hits or something. The DBM black finish that Cobra, Hogan Maltby and a few others use last 7x as long before fading.

PVD/oxide finishes will not result in noticeable feel differences, DBM will make impact more firm possibly clicky.

I have Callaway Razr X Blacks that I’ve been using for a while. Obviously the face is looking a little worn, but overall they have held up very well. I have no idea what finish they used, but I wouldn’t hesitate to get another set.

It’s PVD finish

I have 2 sets of older irons with black finish. Raw Titleist 690.MBs, and Adams CB1. The finish definitely wore down, but I personally don’t mind it