Bjorg The Corg - Your Refuge, Your President

I’m sure Bjorg the Corg is a good boy, but is he the best leader for the Refuge?

Purebreds (through no fault of their own) shouldn’t be celebrated. There is an inhumane industry surrounding them and many poor mutts don’t get adopted because someone wants papers with their pup. I’ve never paid for papers and never will.

I’ve only had mutts (3 as an adult and 4 when I was a kid), and they are just the best pups out there. The last 2 years are the first time since I was a toddler that I didn’t have a dog. Burying them became too painful, and I’m not quite ready to go through it again.

Here are a few pics of my favorite pups and cats because I’d be remiss to exclude them. Only the orange tabby is still around

Best of luck Bjorg, may the best man/canine win.


This is the platform I want to vote for.

Not the dog, but the positions. Kudos, Bjorg.

To be clear, the official platform of this campaign is no platform at all. He has since retired from his previous life dedicated to public service and currently believes in a “hands off” approach to government. If elected, he will continue to do absolutely nothing and sleep for a majority of his term.


Sorry, I was aware of this, more just supporting a likeminded individual.

But yes. He deserves the rest, as he’s clearly a good boy.


Ironically my own Presidential ambition.

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You may be the ultimate dog!
Looking forward to the campaign, I hope I can earn your support

A few things:

We are looking at buying a corgi all of a sudden. Don’t ask.

This dog is a threat and makes a fine case to be president. But my question: Can the dog play golf? Because part of the presidency is a spot in the NIT. My guess is this dog can’t play, much like @RobertHunter.


Not this again.

@Sarah we found your campaign slogan





Statement from His Grace, The CAD:

It gives me great pleasure to announce my running mate in the upcoming Presidential elections, Ellie…

As you can see, Ellie is a keen golfer and not simply a mindless destroyer of squeaky toys. Ellie is a lover, not a fighter.

In fact, as a Pyrenean Sheepdog, her special skills lie in forecaddying, herding people and ‘being a good girl’.

I have complete confidence in her ability to assist me in the intense grafting I intend to do throughout my tenure as President and know she will execute her duties with grace, panache and the occasional growl at the Postman, invading bastard that he is.

Here she is upon learning if her new role.

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  1. This is a thread for Corgis. Keep all other good boys out.

  2. There is only one Corgi I want for President, and that is Holly:


Get a mutt, preferably from the shelter or someone giving away puppies. Lower cost of ownership (ie fewer odd ailments that are prevalent in purbreds), and generally better dispositions.

My favorite pups have been lab mixes.


Is it desperation to announce this on Bjorg’s thread rather than the candidate’s own? Who’s to say?

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What about a lab/corgi mix?

Ziggy endorses Bjorg fully and wholeheartedly.


I think you’ll find His Grace posted it on several threads. Saturation marketing.

I’m all in on a lab/corgi mix, or any mix for that matter.

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Roll a 1 if Bjorg is going to win this election.

@discobot 1d1

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Useless. Just like these other candidates.


@discobot fortune

Will our fearless (though maybe vacuums are scary) leader garner favor with the masses of the refuge?