Bjorg The Corg - Your Refuge, Your President

Brody can neither confirm nor deny the running mate rumors. He would however be honored to share a ball to run after. But definitely not bring it back. That’s what humans are for when they’re not detonating each other on message boards.

Bjorg/Brody 2020? Who can really say.


I had a driver with a corgi once, does the refuge understand how much dog hair will be all over this place if hes allowed in? The things shed like crazy.

I would like to know Bjorg’s stances on squeaky toys. What’s his average kill count per day on sqeaky toys? I cannot believe that he has no opinion on a preferred toy.

My dog is also asking for his marital status


I think I’m going to need to see more pictures of Bjorg to make an informed decision…


Bjorg has no preference on squeaky toys. Most are hidden from view because he has a knack for squeaking the shit out of them during work calls or in the middle of the night. Favorite toy = a long, floppy snowman that gets rag-dolled on a daily basis.

Relationship status = It’s Complicated. Has a on again/off again girlfriend named Salami (also a corgi) at daycare that he’s obsessed with but it’s been a while since they crossed paths.

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Bjorg will be a good president boi


Bella fully supports Bjorg the Corg and all he stands for.


Appreciate the honesty here, this shows that the candidate’s willpower may be small, but he is willing to admit it.

Nellie (AKA Mrs. bOrK) offers her support, but not one of her squeakys, as many are dead, and the rest are hers


This is hands down the best Refuge President thread


Doxies beat Corgis 10&8

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Completely understand. Here’s a little “get to know the candidate” for any voters still on the fence.

Dedicated neighborhood watch volunteer, keeping the streets clean and safe.

Proponent of open borders. Will leap over any wall that attempts to contain him.

Anti government surveillance. Once took down a drone and survived the attack.

Proponent for prison reform

Pillow fort creator.


Bella’s younger brother, although brash and full of energy, succumbed and has fallen in line.

Duncan says Bjorg the Corg for Prez 2020!




While I may be biased, I agree. I know a darn heckin good boy when i see one though (pardon my language) and Bjorg seems to be a good boi


I’m sure Bjorg the Corg is a good boy, but is he the best leader for the Refuge?

Purebreds (through no fault of their own) shouldn’t be celebrated. There is an inhumane industry surrounding them and many poor mutts don’t get adopted because someone wants papers with their pup. I’ve never paid for papers and never will.

I’ve only had mutts (3 as an adult and 4 when I was a kid), and they are just the best pups out there. The last 2 years are the first time since I was a toddler that I didn’t have a dog. Burying them became too painful, and I’m not quite ready to go through it again.

Here are a few pics of my favorite pups and cats because I’d be remiss to exclude them. Only the orange tabby is still around

Best of luck Bjorg, may the best man/canine win.


This is the platform I want to vote for.

Not the dog, but the positions. Kudos, Bjorg.

To be clear, the official platform of this campaign is no platform at all. He has since retired from his previous life dedicated to public service and currently believes in a “hands off” approach to government. If elected, he will continue to do absolutely nothing and sleep for a majority of his term.


Sorry, I was aware of this, more just supporting a likeminded individual.

But yes. He deserves the rest, as he’s clearly a good boy.


Ironically my own Presidential ambition.

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