Billy Mayfair's DQ

Wow. I’m blown away (in a bad way) by the comments and actions of Billy Mayfair in this article. What in the heck…?


What the?

Dude is a habitual line stepper.


Fitting that he’s got his attorney involved. Wonder if any settlement by the tour will apply toward career earnings?

From the 2017 article (guess who…)

The truth is, there’s exactly one guy who is known to mis-mark his ball by two or three inches. Ask any player about cheating, and they’ll all tell you the same name. I was paired with this notorious individual recently, and I witnessed it. Using his hand to obscure the distance behind the ball, he picks up his coin so fast that you almost can’t be certain of what you’ve just seen. But when you see it enough times, it becomes pretty obvious. What’s more, this was just after the anchor ban, and he was using a long putter. He wears baggy shirts, but I could tell that he was anchoring. After the round, we got into a heated debate in the scoring trailer when I refused to sign his card. He claimed that if the end of his grip touched his chest, it was accidental. The way the rule is written, it’s all about intent, and an official signed his card.


I’d forgotten that he was pretty much nailed down as the accused in that article.

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I thought this was about Pat Perez.

I’ve heard people throw out Perez’s name a few times, but reading the article, it doesn’t sound like him at all. It says the guy is a loaner and used a belly putter. From what I’ve seem Perez is pretty popular with the other guys and never used a belly putter.

Did Mayfair really have a Tammy 1 and Tami 2 for wives?

Also, he does kind of have a point about the 3 minute search time IMO. If it’s 3 minutes, let an official or marshal keep time on a stopwatch. If you have to search for your ball AND keep track of time it gets kind of tough.


It really doesn’t. How about… let your caddie keep track of the time? If he got to 4:50 or 4:55… even a watch with minutes and no seconds would have shown that he was well over his time.

Players are responsible for knowing and enforcing the Rules. Rules Officials are there to assist, and generally don’t insert themselves unless asked or required.

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It’s not. You tell your caddie or check your watch yourself once you start searching.


And your caddy is searching for the ball too? It seems silly to have a rule that only gets applied retroactively and also disqualifies you if you hit your ball after finding it. I’d imagine there have been guys that searched for a ball for over 3 minutes, but if they don’t hit nearly 5 minutes they’d get away with it since nobody is actually tracking that.

I’m telling you how the process works speaking as someone that has caddied in a senior major (in Mayfair’s group, interestingly enough). As you’re walking to the ball, the players tells the caddie to “start the clock.” Yeah if the player finds the ball at 3:01, they may “get away with it”, but there’s loads of times in tournament golf where players have opportunities to cheat. The sport relies on players not doing it.

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Golf is a self-enforced game of honor.

We (golfers) don’t require an official to tell us what the rules are. That’s part of what makes golf great.

Playing tournament golf requires all the rules to be followed. He’s cheating the guys he’s playing against.

If you’re playing for money with your buddies and you need an official to tell you not to kick your ball, you need to find a new hobby

Well you’d know better than I then. I understand that a lot of golf’s rules are self policed but if it’s a penalty that DQs you I still think it should be officially tracked or just changed to a stroke penalty.

No, not “a lot”, all rules are self-policed. Rules officials are only used as unbiased third parties when there are potentially disputes involved (lies, drops, etc).

The game exists at all levels without rules officials.

This is the real headline.


I don’t know what that means. The ball was lost as soon as 3:00 elapsed. That they had to CORRECT the fact that Billy played a lost ball (a wrong ball) is the “retroactive” part.

The DQ was for not actually finishing the hole legally and then teeing off on the next hole. Not finding your ball in time is just a stroke and distance penalty.

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