Big Randy going low!

With the shanks*

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With most being in a particular shade of orange

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I heard he’s being vetted for ANGC membership, taking T Boone Pickens old locker.

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I heard @Soly is being vetted to replace Fred (Mr.) RIdley’s place as chairman.


“Welcome to the 87th playing of the Masters tournament, brought to you with limited commercial interruption courtesy of our partners at No Laying Up, shout out Panther Mike”


update, yes. It appears they all can.


Are sure about that?

Randy is a genuine inspiration. He’s the closest thing to a “real person golfer” in the otherwise above-average talented NLU stable. Randy going low gives me hope that I can break my own barriers; in the words of R. Kelly, “If I can see it, then I can do it.” Congrats!



I felt a sincere since of pride watching the Big Guy post that number. What a tremendous downward trend and improvement from the wilderness that was Dornoch (right?).

Gives us all hope.

I guess the key to improvement is to make golf your job, and be humble and appreciative. As he said in the last strapped, maybe the key is doing what you love.

Tried to find an appropriate “get low” GIF, eh, nothing really good out there


Chapelle instantly came to mind here.


Who is panther mike?


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If EAL can get on ANGC, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time for Soly.

Real ones know

The mental miss is in danger of being a non-issue

I’m very confused now. If I don’t have the mental miss, what am I going to do in life? Or does this mean the continued use of the mental miss will result in later success? I’m going to need a few beers to think this through.

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They actually aren’t strict about photos; just the no phone calls on the course and clubhouse.

There are other highly ranked places that are much more strict; LACC, Chicago Golf (have not been), come to mind.

Congrats to the Big Guy. Few things better than beating a personal best!

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