Big Cedar - Refugee Meetup (10/23 - 10/25) - Official Thread- In Memoriam to all the Trees

I favor the 16-18 as I can double dip and come out a day earlier for my moms birthday. But if I come the week after she’ll still be happy.

Appreciate the feedback, and I realize by offering choices to the group, I was eventually gonna disappoint someone. With little else to go by (of the 18 signed up), there is 1 person who would be out if we did pick the weekend of the 16th. While a small percentage of the group, it still a person who would be out otherwise. With little else to go on, thought this was the best way to make the decision. I’m willing to be overruled by the masses, but thought I’d let you know why the lean.

As for Mizzou football, lets hope the season happens!!!

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nah we’re good :wink:


Hey guys, I am from NC but missed the meetup here, so looking to do another meetup else where. Conveniently there’s one spot left here, so I was doing some research real quick. Couple questions if you don’t mind.

-Saw someone posted that it was 40 and rainy last year. Is that to be expected in October?
-How are these courses? I’m not super familiar with courses/resorts but are these elite (say Streamsong/Pinehurst)? I didn’t see anything about ranking on their site so figure maybe not?
-It looks like Payne’s Valley and Mountain Top are both only 13 holes. Is that right?
-Would it be worth it to hustle in to play Buffalo Ridge Friday? I can wake up super early Friday and drive to Charlotte to get into Springfield at 10:30a.
-Same for Top of the Rock. Can leave at 6p from Springfield but get into Charlotte after midnight and have to drive home still.

Appreciate any thoughts and hopefully this happens and I can make it!

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Weather is hit or miss. Can’t control that. Some weekends are amazing and some are gross.

Big Cedar is a sneaky great golf property. Mountain Top is 13 holes, Payne’s Valley is supposed to have all 18 completed by then (will skyrocket up rankings). Buffalo Ridge is a very good track, I’ve played it a handful of times and always enjoyed my experience.

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I think Payne’s Valley is gonna have 19 holes

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This is right - @ Paynes Valley, 13 were open for preview play as of this fall. They plan to open all 19 this year. This is actually why we targeted the Fall when we initially kicked this thread up to be certain on the full course at Paynes (it was pre-COVID, so we are fortunate). Weather was going to play a large role in determining the timing of the last 6 holes, but all should be in by the summer. Aeration is planned for September.

As to the weather, last year was a wild October and certainly not typical - coldest I can remember is some time at the end of the month. Its always my favorite time of the year for golf in the mid-west. Mornings can be brisk, but you get more good days than bad (but the bad ones do suck).

I was up at a Big Cedar early last month and had a blast. Played Ozark and the 13 holes of Payne’s. Can I be a last minute alternate? I’m just 3 hours away and would be happy to fill in in case there’s some dropouts and you need to fill it out.


Ozark is so good. I think the golf in general is underrated there. Buffalo Ridge blew me away visually, but ON is just puuuurina. Top of the Rock is pure excess as well, in a great way.

Agree. Totally underrated. They need some extra amenities near the main golf area (which I think is coming) I stayed on the Big Cedar main property and had a great night with dinner and drinks but would have loved to be around golfers.

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Awesome. Thanks guys! Sounds like that is a sick deal then to play all of the different courses they have there. Really glad I came across this thread now, and looking forward to my first golf resort trip. Hopefully the weather cooperates but I’m going to get on finding some rain gear just in case!

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Hi All - Just a quick note - I did go ahead and lock in the weekend of the 23rd - so please mark your calendars down!

I’ll update the Google Doc with the details of that specific itinerary - please keep this up to date with your info.

Probably still a few months before I get serious about locking in the housing, but will start the research on VRBO/Airbnbs here soon.

Let me know if there are any questions


@chrismarz Hope I didn’t miss this in the thread…

Is anyone in after first 20 on waitlist? or might it be expanded?

Looove the idea–I’ve been longing for Big Cedar. Duel Refuge Meetup in San Antonio was highlight of 2020 (low bar with pandemic and all, but great nevertheless).

I just dropped off the sheet so you should be able to add yourself (if there is not a waitlist).

Just got committed elsewhere that weekend unfortunately

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There was a pair of folks on the waitlist, go ahead and add yourself there, I’ll adjust with the info from @KC_Badger (we’ll miss you!!!).

I expect there to be some variability given we are still like 5+ months out!


Yeah - I’m in as much as I can be in 5mo out during COVID, but have every intention of joining. Thanks for setting this up!

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Big Cedar has a totally different feel from those resorts you mentioned and Johnny Morris doesn’t tend to do anything that isn’t elite - they are really great courses. Watch highlights of The Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf Champions Tour event held on these courses every year and you’ll get a taste of the views and the style of the layout. I’ve honestly never met anyone that hasn’t loved Buffalo Ridge after playing it. Haven’t played PV yet, but from all accounts it might be the best one of the group and that’s saying something considering the quality of the other courses. The weather really is hit or miss… but it basically never snows or ices or anything really bad here that early - that being said it could be 43* and nasty af out too. That isn’t the norm though.

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Sounds awesome! I’ll try to find some of those videos. When I was trying to research that’s all I could find were articles about how they ended their deal for the tournament.

Good to know about Buffalo Ridge. Was going to try to make it, but will definitely bend over to get there in time. Tough finding flights to get in by like 11:30a in order to make the tee time. Also hard to get flight out after 6p. The pictures of Top of the Rock look incredible. Probably want to play that, right?

Man I would love to come in for this. Grew up at Table Rock and family has a place down there.

Hey Chris, I am the first alternate. Am I officially on the list now? If so I’ll go ahead and request those days off from work.