Best Travel Bags?


I’m getting ready to fly down to Alabama for 3 weeks. I’m trying to figure out what’s the best travel bag to send my clubs on the plane or if anyone has experience using shipsticks and if so what kind of travel bag did you use then?


I bought a Nicklaus bag as a cheap one off in 2012 and I’ve used it ever since. And I travel a lot. It’s always worked well. Never had a damaged club. It’s designed so it fits snugly round the clubs and has a number of straps that keep it wrapped super tight. This seems to be a much better design philosophy than loose fitting bags.

That being said, I always pack it well. I take a bunch of my clothes and pack them in my golf bag round the club heads. Make it solid to the touch and your bats won’t get damaged.


I have had the club glove for 5 years and I love it. It really keeps your clubs snug. Highly recommend. Don’t go cheap as these hold your babies


I have the Club Glove Burstproof II which predates the Collegiate. Have taken it to Hawaii, Vegas, MB and it is still in great shape.


I use the Mutant travel bag from OGIO. It’s enormous, and allows me to pack a ton of extra stuff into it. The golf bag looks tiny it. It’s fantastic and I highly recommend it:

We also use Luggage Forward to ship our clubs. Even got a link for ya for 10% off if you use the code NOLAYINGUP:


I’ve had an SKP Deluxe for a few years and I really like it. Fits a carry/stand bag great. it has foam around the clubheads but i wrap a towel around as well.


Whatever you get, just make sure it has some extra straps that secure it, in case the zipper fails. Cheap bags sometimes just have a zipper and that’s it.

Also, soft bags are fine, but you want to make sure the top part is padded.

A decent bag is worth it after one or two trips. I usually stuff my clothes around the clubs, saving the extra $50


I’ve got both a hard case and soft case (with reinforced top) and I recommend the soft case with the top shell. The hard case is a pain in the ass to fit in vehicles, has very little room for shoes and extras to pack inside, and is much heavier to drag around the airport. The soft case I got (sorry, not sure which brand) has extra pockets that you can load up with shoes, towels, balls, and clothing. For extra support, I bought the bag rod that protects the clubs by creating a temporary frame.


Have the club glove collegiate and use the stiff arm as well, Amazon frequently runs deals and packages the two together.

Club Glove’s aren’t cheap by any stretch but its a quality product. The hard shells are a pain in the ass to store and fit inside of cars IMO, go with a soft shell and get a stiff arm.


I have an older soft side Callaway bag that has semi-rigid covers on the inside around the club heads. I’ve had it for probably 10+ years and never had a problem, traveled all over the US with it. It fits very snug around the clubs to minimize movement and has several straps that clip across it to reinforce the zippers. I’ve never had a hard case, but would second the idea that those might seem a bit too cumbersome.


I have a hard case, and generally like it. I like having total peace of mind that my clubs won’t be damaged, and I can fit my shoes and some other stuff in there as well. As others have mentioned, the hard case can be a bit of a pain to store, and fit into some rental cars. I keep mine in my large, unfinished basement when not in use, so storage isn’t an issue for me. I have had to throw it across the backseat of some smaller rental cars, however, which isn’t ideal. Since most of my golf travel is solo or with one other person, it’s usually not a big hassle. If you’re usually travelling with larger groups or cramming people into a single vehicle with lots of baggage, it would be more of a pain.


@soly working hard to earn those Callaway Corp dollars! Hardest working man in NLU. :joy:

To be fair the Ogio bags look pretty good and the discount is not to be sniffed at.


I’m the same as a lot of these guys already mentioned. Soft cases are usually good enough especially when you add padding around the heads on your own. I had a hard case for a while but it was a pain in the ass to store and did not fit in cars easily. I eventually just gave it away and got a soft case.

As for Shipsticks or Luggage Forward, every time I look at their prices I can’t justify the expense. It’s usually double or triple what any airline fees would be and the only thing they seem to offer is 1) home pickup and course delivery and 2) lost luggage guarantees. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me, even with a 10% discount code.


A decent soft case, some extra towels and rain gear around the heads, and a stiff arm and you are good to go.

I did shipsticks once. It was ok, but be prepared to not have your bag for a few days on either end of your trip. I have dragged my bag all over on trips and it’s really not a big deal to take it on the plane with you. The biggest risk is if you have a connection and your bag doesn’t make it. It would suck if you are playing soon after landing and your stuff doesn’t get there.

Be prepared to have TSA search your bag, they love golf bags.


has anyone traveled with their push cart?