Best Sub $1k Golf Trip - Southeast Edition

A large group (20 or so) of guys have been hitting up the RTJ trail the past several years for a 3 night, 5 round golf trip, but I have grown so tired of the same old RTJ courses year after year. Likely the best deal in golf ($550 for 5 rounds and 3 nights at pretty legit courses and a decent hotel), but I think I have had my fill of RTJ style courses.

We are considering spending a little more money next year and I am currently looking for fun potential venues.

Any hidden gems a tier below the Streamsong / Pinehurst price point?

Debating Old Waverly / Mossy Oak in Mississippi or French Lick in Indiana. Anyone ever done a guys trip to either location? MS sounds like the better golf, but IN has a casino and more potential fun things to do at night.


  • Within a 6 hour drive from Nashville
  • Golf and lodging under $1k (5 rounds, 3 nights)
  • At least 36 holes
  • Hoping for a more open and minimalist design after years of balls kicking off the green into the gunch on the links course at RTJ Grand National
  • Lodging essentially needs to be on-site or extremely close

Time of year will impact pricing, but think HIlton Head or Reynolds Plantation could be done close to the $1000 mark

Not sure if this is true. I haven’t played either, but both courses at French Lick are very well regarded and would give you a nice mix of golden age Ross and a Pete Dye experience. That said, rounds on the Dye course are pretty expensive, but they may give you a deal staying on site.

I haven’t done this and haven’t done enough research to know how much of a real option it is, but I’ve been seeing a lot of press about the Big Cedar Lodge/Branson/Ozark courses lately and some of them seem pretty sick. Especially if you went after Payne’s Valley opens. Should be within your driving window and I have to imagine it would fit the budget. Definitely a more “family friendly” location, but I’m sure there’s enough there to get you into trouble. Curious if anyone has been/agrees.


Pinehurst can be done if you don’t do the resort courses and it’s during the summer. Played 4 rounds stayed 2 nights last year and was under $700 for that.


FWIW, the MS courses are ranked higher according to Golfweek:

Mossy Oak - 94 modern
Old Waverly - 153 Modern
French Lick - Dye - 166 Modern
French Lick - Ross - did not make top 200 classic

Either location would be a big step up from RTJ in my opinion.

Yes - Pinehurst is definitely on my list. Were quoted $1,200 before taxes and fees for 3 nights, 3 rounds, not including no. 2. I would be up for it, but getting everyone else on board would be a tough sell. Might be better for a smaller group more serious about golf.

EDIT - Ah - just saw not playing the resort courses. That’s a good idea. Tobacco Road, Mid-Pines, etc?

I actually sent them an e-mail yesterday to get a quote. The place looks bananas. I think with the Par 3 courses, driving range, and all the other activities it would make for a blast.

I was at Mossy Oak/Old Waverly two weekends ago. Mossy is a really fun course and Old Waverly is great in the most classic sense. The lodges at Mossy are right on the 10th fairway. The have 4 bedrooms each and two queens size beds in each room. Each room with own bathroom. Big common area and back patio. Really great setup. I felt like I was really well taken care of. You’ll need to drive down the street when playing at Old Waverly. They have lodging too, but I cant speak for it. West Point, MS is small town, but still has plenty to offer. Steaks at Anthony’s Good Food the night before play would be a great option. Old Waverly has a great food options for day of play. The Friday lunch buffet I got to enjoy was dynamite.

Long story short I really thing the course tick every box you have. What time of year are you planning on going? Football season will be there most packed with Starkville (Mississippi State) right down the road.


i went on a trip to Hilton Head earlier this year, it looked like the following:

Location: Palmetto Dunes
Dates: March 20-24 (4 night stay)
Courses: Jones, Fazio, Hills
Rounds: 4 total covered in price, afternoon replays available at a discount
Price: $650 (included rooms, golf, range balls and prize money)

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Let me know what they say. Definitely doesn’t have the cachet of the other courses mentioned in this thread, but seems like the golf would be fun and everything else you mentioned would make for a great group trip.

Check out Tobacco Road Travel, they usually have good deals on Pinehurst-area courses with lodging in Southern Pines/Sanford included, though that won’t necessarily be on site. Play Tobacco Road, Southern Pines, and could look at a round at Mid Pines or the resort as well as the Cradle.


May/June - certainly not football season. Thanks for the review - looks perfect. I think I could easily sell this.

For what it is worth, I booked a trip to Pawleys Island, South Carolina for this August. 4 nights, 5 days, 4 rounds, accommodations for 4, and the condo + the golf came out to just a hair under $500, which I think is a huge steal. Pawleys is just about 30-45 mins south of Myrtle Beach, is a lot less touristy with some great seafood and great golf.

We are playing True Blue (aka Diet Tobacco Road) the #28 course in SC (#1 in my heart), Caledonia the #10 course in SC, Heritage Legends (#54) and Pawleys Plantation (#61). All four courses are within a mile of our condo and public.


Yeah we did tobacco road dormie mid pines pine needles cradle etc. and stayed in a great house about 3 min at most from the resort and downtown. Was awesome.

True blue also home to this just #Gross redan-type thing

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That whole Myrtle area is really a super cost effective golf trip. We did Myrtle in 2017 and while it probably was towards the bottom of my list of overall trips Ive done its still very much worth it (bottom of list simply because of how good the other trips have been). Caledonia is one of my Top 5 courses Ive played.

This trip sounds awesome. Only problem is the distance from Nashville. Tough to sell people on a 8-9 hour drive to the beach without wives and kids.

That is more than fair. I’m in Atlanta, two buddies are in Charlotte, and the other is in Raleigh so Pawleys/GrandStrand was actually very convenient for all of us.

Maybe keep it in your back pocket for when the wives and kids want to come along? I am not tied down quite yet by that lifestyle - but the beaches there are fantastic.

Here’s an idea for a golf trip Farm Links, Old Waverly, Dancing Rabbit (2 courses) I’ve played all and highly recommend them. Farm Links 1 course accommodations are A+ Dancing Rabbit 2 courses casino Dancing Rabbit Inn or stay @the Casino. (Indian Reservation) Fyi I’ve played alot of the RTJ courses too

Contact Tobacco Road Travel Company. Very good packages and they can customize something.

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This may have just helped me and my friends out too. Headed down in Nov for UMaine vs. Elon and looking to turn it into mostly golf trip with football being small part of trip.