Best stories from working at a golf course


Good one… laughing as I type.


These were all pretty fantastic, and right in line with my memories of working at multiple clubs over the years.

It’s 2007, and a buddy and I had been caddies/bagroom boys at Southern Hills, which was hosting the PGA Championship that year. CBS hired some of the caddies to cart cameramen around the course throughout the week, carry cords, give directions, etc. It was a great gig.

During the tournament, can’t remember if it was Thursday/Friday, my cameraman got assigned to Cat’s group, and we scrambled over to 12 where they were. It was so hot that week, and 12 has this little bridge across the creek where you can get some shade. Tiger and Stevie leaned against the bridge for a bit over there, while one of the guys in the group struggled a bit back down the fairway. Steve Williams let out the loudest fart I think I’ve ever heard - I heard it from 10 feet away - and Tiger looked at Stevie and said, “Did you just shit yourself, Stevie?”


Was the second time you called 911 this exciting?


Not nearly.