Best Stat Trackers out there

This may not fall under Ranger Rick all that well and surely has been discussed already, but I know there are enough golf geeks (like me) who are into tracking fairways/GIR/putts/etc here in the Refuge.
Tell me what you are using and if you like it.

I’m a huge fan of Arccos, but it requires you have the grip sensors for the stat-tracking to work. It’s on the pricier side ($200-250), but it has done more to lower my score than any club I have bought lately.

Golf game book if you like the classic fairways, greens and putts stats.

Shot by shot if you want strokes gained.

I haven’t tried the game golf or arcoss with shit tracking yet. May give this a go

+1 Make sure that if you use your phone for anything else on the course that you have a case with a battery. Arccos does suck battery pretty bad, but the data it spits out to you is pretty impressive. If you play enough rounds with it, it will start telling you what you should and shouldn’t hit.

Keeps all of your data in the app as well and I believe it’s pretty exportable if you want to keep the data in a different format.

I’ve been using the Game Golf Live, and Arccos competitor, for about a year and a half, and I’m a fan.

The “Live” product is their second generation and comes with RFID tags that attach to the butt of each of your clubs, and a GPS device that clips to your belt. Keeps track of what clubs you hit and how far you hit them, etc. There’s a phone app you can use during the round for yardage and score keeping, but I don’t use it for battery reasons.

I don’t know that the stats are really anything I couldn’t do myself out side of the yardage calculations, but it’s fun to examine the round after the fact.

One stat that they don’t handle vary well is proximity to hole and length of putts made. You have to place the pin on the green each hole in order for it to be accurate, and I don’t find the controls to be fine grained enough for it to be worthwhile.

Customer service has been great too. I snapped the belt clip off the GPS device last year and they sent me a replacement clip at no cost. They also have course “maps” that allow them to determine whether your in the fairway or on the green and they’ve been responsive to corrections I’ve submitted online. This is a pleasant surprise since there’s no subscription fee for the service. Not sure I understand their business model but I won’t complain until they go out of business.

They supposedly have a new version coming out, the Game Golf Pro, but they’ve missed their release dates multiple times this year.

If you edit the round on your computer (doesn’t take that long), you can get it down to the foot accurate.

I use GG, but it’s a poorly run company, and there are soooooo many stats they could expose but don’t. The tags are better than the Arccos versions, though.

Very interested in getting a stat tracker to see where I need to improve (read: affirm my worst fears) but do you need to play with your phone in your pocket?? I keep it in my bag and while I set it down close to my ball tee to green, I obviously just place it off the side of the green when putting and thus don’t have my phone with me.

Yes for Arccos. It may be able to work if your bag is close to you, but the app recommends that you play with you phone in your pocket.

True with Arccos as well. You are able to go back and add more detailed information, but it does struggle sometimes registering the putts you’ve taken. If you’re looking for something that will keep up with you with limited interaction with your phone during the round, it’s probably not for you.

However, if you aren’t interacting with your phone I assume you’re interacting with SOMETHING during your round to keep scores (scorecard) or you just have an impressive memory.

I do edit it on a computer post round, by I find the pin placement to be too frustrating to be effective. Probably because I tend to be updating it on a macbook with the touchpad.

I keep score with a score card during the round where I track score, putts, and penalty strokes. Once I realized the proximity to the hole would be valuable I also started recording the length of my first putt. Then after the round I review the round in GG and make sure everything jibes.

I actually prefer keeping score on a scorecard now. It helps me mentally move on from shot to shot and hole to hole.

Not gonna lie-- after playing my home course hundreds of times, unless I’m playing seriously, I can keep track of my score just in my head because I know the holes so well. Actually kind of freeing because I end up doing the thing that EVERY high school golf coach suggests which is not adding up your score until the very end. Can’t do it at new tracks or even others I am familiar but not super familiar with. Strange phenomenon.

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I relate with this. I’ve moved around too much to have a real home course, but when I was in California there was a course that I played enough to be at least CLOSE to not having to keep a scorecard. However, I am actually able to keep a scorecard and not add up the numbers, which helps.

So do I (edit on my MacBook Pro with a trackpad).

The precise pin location isn’t important. The distance of your first putt is about all that matters. That’s pretty easy to get right.

This is unrelated to the stat tracker discussion, but I haven’t needed a scorecard in years. Even playing somewhere new, I could go through my entire round shot-by-shot in the clubhouse after if you asked me to (please don’t).


I have tracked all my round this year using a website called GolfShake. It takes all the stats (FIR, GIR, Putts, Scrambling etc) and then if you pay the very small amount for the premium account, then it can break everything down into areas to work on, and all sorts of other stats and anomalies.

Really good

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I just got myself a SkyCaddie SX500 GPS which has an integrated scorecard and offers stat tracking through their website. Excited to log all my rounds next year and get an idea of where my game’s at.

I’ve downloaded the stat spreadsheet on and currently modifying it for my own purposes (I’m no excel genius so it’ll be a long term thing!). I prefer a spreadsheet to an app since if you one day you decide to change app you probably won’t be able to migrate your data over. For ‘on course input’ I just have an A5 gridded notebook that everything goes in to.

I’ll cast a vote for Arccos which I’ve used for the past two seasons. Makes club selection easier for me and I love the stats. Find it pretty reliable. Just make sure your phone has a decent charge in it before playing, and you also have to not mind having your phone in your pocket, which doesn’t bother me, but may bother some.

Anyone have any experience with the ShotScope V2? From reading some other reviews it looks like a good tool to bridge the gap between a GPS watch and a stat tracker, but I’m wondering if any other Refugees have an opinion before I pull the trigger on buying one.

Another vote for Arccos. It’s not absolutely perfect but it’s better and more reliable than I expected it to be. They have been working on being able to only use an Apple Watch and thereby not having to keep your phone in your pocket. Will be a welcome addition when/if it happens.