Best Stand Bags


The Jones utility stand bag is a pretty good deal. 20% off for their labor day sale right now if you’re looking to pull the trigger.

I only seem to have trouble fitting all 14 when I’m playing poorly and the entrance velocity of the grip going back into the bag is increased…


I have a Hoofer and deal with club tangle as well. I guess I assumed any bag will have some tangle, but it is pretty bad - honestly kind of worry about the affect it has on my grips. I have an over-sized super stroke putter grip that is noticeably beat up after only 3 months…

Other than that, I do love the bag. It is light and comfortable to carry and has plenty of space. I didn’t event notice it had a rain cover because it was tucked away so well. But not sure how long I will stick with it due to the club tangle thing. Interested to hear what others have done about that, if anything.


Okay. I’m loving the looks of these Shapland bags. So I have to ask, are they needy when it comes to upkeep? How’s the leather holding up after about 9 months of work in the elements? The price is definitely a bit more than I hoped to spend on a bag but the style is right on what I’m looking for (almost to the point I’d feel bad using it, I fear).


That sale is really tempting my “instant-gratification gene.”

Seems like there’s plenty of pockets for gear. Any issues with the materials, zippers, club divider padding. etc.?


I can’t decide between Original and Players series


I haven’t looked at those much since I want the two-straps (personal preference), but what are the differences between the Original and Players Series?


I’ve had mine for about 4 months and it’s been through 10-15 walking rounds.

I haven’t even gotten CLOSE to maxing out the pockets yet, however I don’t pack a ton of stuff. I packed it full of two dozen balls and still had plenty of room for a trip I took recently.

High quality material for straps, zippers, etc. No problems so far. The dividers have the nice soft material you see in staff bags. I will say that on occasion the clubs will gang up on one side of the bag, but a decent little shake gets them broken up.


I haven’t had to do any real upkeep. I’ve noticed if you are spreading grass clippings or clumpy sand it will stick to the fabric but nothing you can’t wipe off. It’s held up this summer season (30+ rounds) superb and shows no signs of wear yet. The leather is aging real nice. I fit 14 clubs ( with oversize putter), an extra driving iron, shaft turned tip down and alignment stick in there without problem. I’ve received tons of positive comments on it too, looks super sharp:

Notice the flat bottom a la hoofer bag, makes it stand its ground in the wind. Straps are individual and criss cross like ping, good range of adjustment despite being like a belt buckle. The handle at the top wrapped in leather is a great feature, I am picking up and setting it a lot via that bar. In the bag I am comfortably fitting:

6-8 balls (can fit MANY more…)
Fistfuls of tees
Range finder
Rain cover
Yardage book cover (I know… :pensive:)
Range finder
Cigar travel case
Rain pants
Hand warmers
Pencils, sharpie, ball marking device, divot fixer, ball marks, sunglasses, etc


@Kelch main difference between the two bags is the players series has a spine and the original does not. That was the clincher for me


Love that Miami headcover!


where’s the NLU towel?





I have a newer Hoofer, and my only gripe is that the apparel pocket is a bit on the smaller side. Everything else is great. There’s even a zipper in one of the pockets for getting into the bottom of the bag, which is super handy when I drop one of my iron covers down there (kidding!).

I know people have mentioned club binding, but I haven’t found it to be much of an issue, even with midsize grips.


I’ve actually purchased two Callaway bags in the past year, and have really liked them both. Got the Hyper-Lite 1+ to replace my cheap Sunday bag, found it to have the best mix of storage space - enough for balls, glove, tees, and wallet/phone/keys - and the (small) stand legs. Then got the Fusion 14 for my regular bag, pretty light with plenty of storage space, 14-club dividers, legs, and the strap system works great both for over-the-shoulder and wearing backpack-style.


I’m considering a Jones stand. One question (big pet peeve of mine) - do the legs stay tight/retracted fully when walking? I’ve had Titleists that just annoy the hell out of me because I can feel the legs dangling.



The wife got me the Jones x Greyson Utility Bag and I like it a lot. Haven’t noticed any issues with the legs being loose, but I’ve only had it for a couple months.


Likely a problem that is prone to happening over a longer period of time if at all, but I’ve had my Trouper for a month and the legs retract tightly to the bag on pick-up. There’s also two little straps on the Trouper that can hold the feet of the legs.


@2trickpony I went ahead and ordered a Shapland through my club. How long did it take to get yours once you ordered?

My pro said he needed to set up an account, i dont know how different that is for a pro shop. Just trying to get an idea on when to hound my pro to get me my new bag. That way i’ll have something to look forward to while the snow is sitting on the ground.


I just got one and they feel like they are pretty tight/tightly sprung. Just trying to get it to open up on my hardwood floor - after putting clubs in it - I had to brace it with my foot and push down to get them to extend.

Additional note - i think the ones that aren’t the Trouper (larger size) tend to be a little more narrow than a regular bag. Caught me off guard, but i think it will be nicer to carry.


Mine took three days, but I ordered it with the Shapland logo and I live near their distribution center. Should be less than two weeks once ordered.