Best Stand Bags


One year anniversary gift from the wife is a new set of clubs and a bag so I’m obviously going to get fit for the sticks prior to buying anything so the first purchase is going to be a new bag. Looking for reviews of best stands out there.

I love the simplicity of the Jones Utility Series but wonder about the available space for 14 clubs. Especially when my putter grip is a SS Flatso 2.0. There’s surely other brands out there with more options and functionality that I’m not overly familiar with, so what stand bags would y’all recommend? Should note that I almost exclusively walk.

Best carry bag?

In the stand bag space, not sure it gets any better then the Ping Hoofer. Most colleges use this bag.

Here is a link to MyGolfSpy’s analysis on best stand bags of 2018:


Firstly, congrats on the anniversary - that’s quite the gift!

I love Sun Mountain bags - either the 2.5+ or 3.5 LS


The Hoofer always reviews well for functionality but everyone I know who’s gamed it hates how clubs tangle in them. Weight and pocket space are always going to be important, but the thing we do most with a golf bag is put clubs in and out of them. Do you own a Hoofer? If so I’d love to hear your experience with club tangle.


Does anyone play with the one-strap Jones bag? I like the backpack style bags, but the classic bag styling looks cool


Just bought a Ping Hoofer Lite, and it’s been great so far. I wish Ping still used the two individual straps rather than the X-shaped style they’re using now. I walk almost exclusively, so the Lite version is perfect. I honestly can’t imagine needing any more compartments or storage space.

As soon as Stitch Golf starts making double-strap bags (I reached out to find out if they would, no plans now but hopefully down the road), I’ll be purchasing one of them. They’re light, super sleek, and functional.


Like everyone is saying, cant go wrong with a Hoofer.

My last two bags have been Titleist bags. The new one just broke where the strap connects to the bag. Evidently this is the case on 4 out of 10 of their bags this year. That being said, i imagine its happened to almost every bag that belongs to a guy that walks.

They are replacing it, but its been two weeks and i’m still using my previous, faded Titleist bag from 7 years ago.

I’d buy a ping or sun mountain if i was in the market right now strictly due to the Titleist bag breaking. I love the functionality of it and where all the pockets and everything are, and the stand kicks out great. I just cant deal with broken straps.


One of the guys i play with has one. Jones always makes a solid bag. Two straps just make it so much easier.


I do not currently. Played one in High School and don’t remember club tangle being any better/worse then any other bag I have had.


Just picked up the Jones Utility bag for the 2nd strap, and i really like it,
It is a tighter fit to get all 14 clubs in the bag, FYI


Big fan of the Cobra Mega Lite. A little small pocket-wise if you need to carry a ton of stuff, but super light and pretty sturdy as well.


I had a hoofer all through high school and college.

My wife bought me a Shapland golf bag for xmas last year, and it’s bee phenomenal. Same concept as a Hoofer, has great detail to it, and is comfortable and light.

It’s a little pricey, but if you are into the vintage-y looking bags this is a great cross of that feel but with the space to hold stuff.


ooh. those are nice. Pretty sure that’ll be my next bag


Jones user checking in. Have used Utility Stand Bag in past, have not had a problem with fitting clubs - but I play with 13 and no OS putter grip. Think it would work with 14 plus OS putter, but can’t guarantee it

I switched this year to a Players Series bag - single strap, no stand. Love it. Again, carry 13 clubs (although have had 14 in it without difficulty a few rounds when demoing a club). I walk and carry 75% of my rounds, so I am focused on weight so single strap is not a problem and works very well for me


I have a hoofer and suffer from club tangle. Ymmv


FYI Jones is having a 20%-off sale through Labor Day on its website. Also doing their warehouse sale if you happen to be in the Portland area.


I liked the Ping Hoofer, but the tangle issue is real. It drove me crazy after awhile.

One thing I’d recommend: truly consider how often you will walk and carry. I used to a lot, but the older I get the less I want to carry a bag. I almost always push cart now. With that considered, I want a bag that will hold enough gear for trips, etc…rain gear, extra gloves, sunscreen. Not excessive, but with enough space.

Therefore, I bought an Ogio Shredder two years ago. I’m still really happy with it. It’s light enough to remove some gear and still carry, but has enough space to hold my stuff on golf trips, etc. And you can find them for a very reasonable price.


I’m gonna get a Jones single strap bag. Between that, my TBC hat and NLU towel, I’m going to be fully woke


Are you going to regularly leave the rangefinder at home? Maybe forget half your clubs from time to time?


I don’t even own a rangefinder