Best Round of your life. OR Chasing the Dragon

Everyone seems to enjoy the self flagellation of the ICARITO thread…(Your Icarito)

And Over on Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range There was a lengthy discussion yesterday and today about the simple fear of going low.

BUT! What about that round where you hit every (almost) fairway, got every bounce, hit the stick, got up and down 7/7 times, went Birdie Eagle Birdie, made 150 feet of putts? Maybe you didn’t even shoot your PR, but you absolutely put on a stripe show, and wore out the center of the face for the most wonderful 4 hour walk of your life!

Every golfer, even the guy who doesn’t have a handicap (because if he did it would be higher than GHIN will calculate) hits a shot or two a round that keeps him coming back. Here is a space to share your White Elephant, that highest of highs that keeps you coming back for the Chase of that feeling, one more time.


I didnt play particularly great, but, the most fun i ever had was in the single match play last year.

I was one putt away from making the turn 9 up. Ended up winning 7&5.


Last year, I hadn’t broken 80 in quite some time, it was Late May or Early June. Two days before my CC was hosting a Local US Womens AM qualifier. So, conditions were being ramped up, greens ROLLIN.

I hit every fairway on the front nine (not every green, my iron play needs work) rolled in a birdie on my nemesis hole (7), turning in 38. Hit the fairway on every hole until 13, Birdied 12. Had a little bobble on 13/14. Then finished by cracking 3 more drives in the fairway, only dropping a shot on the par 3 17th. Had a birdie putt on 18 from about 12 feet to shoot a 76, but in true fear to go low style, Yanked the putt and didn’t catch any lip. 77. Beauty of a round (for me anyway).


Perhaps not the best answer, but the first (and really only time I’ve broken 80) came in a very Constantino Rocca like fashion. I chunked my chip on 18 and subsequently made a 40 footer to shoot 79. I was so stunned I didn’t even know what to do. Definitely the fastest I’ve gone from being mad to being happy on the golf course.


I’m not sharing (of course nobody cares) until I get to hear about the best rounds played by:

  1. @holeout
  2. @GGates18
  3. @Lazstradamus

those fellas have to share because Warbird has some insanity in the treasure trove

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I’ll chime in.

First. The best i ever hit it, i shot 78.

I missed one green, and putted off of one green into a sand trap.

Missed every putt outside of 2 feet. 3 putted twice from 3 feet. If anyone else, i mean anyone else, putts for me that round, we’re gonna be close to 61. I didnt count putts, but it was north of 40



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It was a terrible feeling. I’m still sick about it. I’ve literally never seen anyone hit it the way i did, and i’ve never seen anyone putt that bad. So proud, yet so ashamed.


A few summers ago I had a career scoring day at Camelback GC’s Ambiente course. Phoenix summer afternoon so it was desrerted, just me and a buddy.

This is a tough course, where absolute disaster lurks on every hole, because they grow the hay high immediately off all the fairways. We were playing the tips, which are long (and in summer the course plays a bit wet because they have to put down a lot of water to keep it alive).

You also have to go out quick on Ambiente. It’s an out and back routing that virtually always plays downwind on the front and into the wind coming home and the back side into the wind can be brutal.

Inauspicious start with a bunker-to-bunker hack job but I rolled in a nice par save.

Then I stuffed a 6-iron to 4 feet on the second and I was off on a run like I’d never been (and never have been since). Reached the par 5 third i two and made a 2-putt birdie, rolled in my third in a row from about 15 feet on #4 and was feeling downright woozy, then hit a mediocre wedge of 5 but found again that the putt was 15ish feet but straight uphill a made it for 4 birdies in a row.

Came back to earth with a 3-putt bogey at 9, then another bogey at 11. Then rallyed with a long biride putts at 13 and 14.

From there I managed to scrape pars into the house for a 6 birdie, 2 bogey round of 68 on a course that rates 74.3/139. I can’t remember if I won the match with the long birdie putt on 13 or 14 but it was an early close out for sure, my buddy was shook (he’s used to watching me make pars, not birdie 4 or the first 5 holes).

Feels like a long time ago (I was super happy to birdie the last and shoot 78 in my last round).


I’d like to hear your stories, so I’ll go.

I have a really bad habit of not remembering rounds (shot by shot at least) all that well if they were more than a couple weeks prior. So I’ll just hit a few memorable round recaps instead of one in-detail round.

Career low is 65 (a few times in tournament and casual rounds). I chipped in for eagle on 17 in one of them is about all I remember. :man_shrugging: I’ve had a few 20-35 footers for 64 but they’ve never dropped.

Most memorable round in recent memory was at my home course a couple years ago when I was -3 through 16, then made a 2 on a par 5 and parred the last. Was with my dad so that was pretty great and I of course kept the ball.

Most memorable round of all time was the first time I broke par, broke 70, and most importantly beat my dad. It was at my home course and I was -5 on the front nine. Managed to steer it in from there.


I love how good you are in competition; that’s impressive. I’ll do one until one of those other boys responds.

From a 66 a couple summers ago. I’ve probably played 100+ rounds in my life during which I hit the ball substantially better than this round (and got nowhere near the score out of it)…but never has the flat stick been as lights out. Factoids from the round were:

  • 11 GIRs
  • 1 penalty stroke
  • 21 putts
  • 1 three-putt par (seriously)
  • I lost money

Also 66, 8 birdies, 1 double :nauseated_face:, but at least backed it up with back to back birds.

Was also playing a match (and men’s night so I was playing stroke play simultaneous) and won 3&2.

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Man if this isn’t the truth. Nothing like shooting a good round and losing $40 because your partner stinks and two other guys brother-in-law it.


Are we talking about shooting heroin or golf?


We’re talking about the time you played so good it was like the first time a herion addict gets high.

And also about the first time you shot heroin

You mean ham and egg it?

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Same thing, so yes.

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I’ve never heard it as brother in law though. Learn something every day


Fact is the best round of my life, if we’re not talking about score, was a few years back at Southern Dunes. Wonderful course in Maricopa, south of Phoenix. The wind can really blow out there and that afternoon it was howling. Solid 3-4 club wind. The kind of thing where into the wind was brutal because holes played so long, but that was almost better than downwind, because downwind was just impossible to control–either the ball would get knocked down immediately and go nowhere, or get up in the wind and have no chance of stopping. And side winds were comical.

Shot 37-40 with two birdies and no doubles and it was just a day where I struck the ball great, focused on every shot, and executed the hell out of my round. Still shot 5 over. But I’m as proud of that round of golf as any I’ve played, number on the card be damned.