Best Rain Gear? or, "How many threads do we need about each topic?"

I am heading to Bandon next year and looking for a new rain gear. Any suggestions? Don’t play in the rain allot but need a good stuff that will last a while.

Galvin Green

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The Lisa Pavin Collection at Sun Mountain



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I only have FootJoy rain pants. Cant say theres much i’d change about them. Great for late fall. We dont get too much rain without T-Storms in the early part of the year here, so i dont really ever want anything lighter weight or cooler.

While GG is the best, it is $$$$$. I just got a pair of FJ Dry Tours pants and one Zero Restriction pair to test. They are both great, the FJs seem a bit nicer, both right around $200

I love my Proquip jacket. It’s unlike any other rain jacket I’ve head (read: not crunchy). I think you can also get it cheaper if you order direct from a UK / EU dealer.

I bought a Galvin Green on a UK website called They regularly offer GG rain gear at reduced prices.

It’s good, check out as well, i’ve got Galvin windproof jackets and waterproof jackets from there for a good price. They claim to have some good shipping rates to US.

I feel like the Refuge needs to hire your extremely advanced ability to just use the fucking search function to vet new threads.


I haven’t pulled the trigger on GG stuff, but their sizing is more Euro. I traded some emails with some of those online places and they were very helpful in providing dimensions, sizing charts, etc. Return shipping will not be cheap.

PGA Tour Superstore has a limited selection of GG, at least in metro Atlanta. You may be able to get your size that way, unless they have Americanized the sizing.

are you always grumpy? Maybe it’s because you tailgate in the rain.

But for real, did you not get a warning when you started typing the Title of this thread that there was one similar already in existence?

I’ve found sunice ( to be the right balance of cost and performance. The “Zephal” tech, whatever that is, is much cheaper than Gore-Tex and I find that it works well. It worked very well for me on a Scotland trip 3 years ago.

I really don’t remember. I looked up rain gear and saw about 5 feeds but really did not look what I was looking for I was looking for. I was looking for the best stuff to buy for Bandon, what kind do I need? I will look closer next time, sorry

I’m not trying to be a dick and I’m definitely not the most qualified to be the cops around here but seems like this is the third time you’ve been pointed to other threads after creating a thread of your own. At some point this place will just become an endless Reddit thread if we don’t all take a second to read what is already here.


The proquip rain hat is great. Although, it looks like they’ve now stuck a massive logo on the front.

haha, no i’m not always grumpy. many people say i have a very sunny disposition. I have a dumb brain that can quickly recall useless knowledge. for example, how many golf bag threads exist on the refuge.


I just can’t get over the fact that I envision you in a tour visor and shades all day. Everyday. Everywhere.