Best Public Courses Anywhere


Course was beautiful, rough extremely punishing. I was a long day for sure haha

4 was by far the best looking hole and the most intimidating. I was lying 3, 80 yards out and went into greenside bunker to make bogie…really wanted to par that hole.


Have to give another vote for bethpage black. I’m a bit biased as I get resident rates, but under $40 for twilight midweek for that course is an absolute joke. It is easily the single best value in golf IMO.


Even better might be Kananaskis, 27 of the 36 re-opened after the flood. Playing next weekend and super pumped!


Holy Jesus fuck! That’ll do.


Any idea how to get on the Yale course?


Oh my God, how have I never heard of this place? Is it easy to get there, where do you fly into?


Virtues is sweet, great layout, feels like you are all alone on every hole.


Its not really easy to travel to, but once you are there, its an amazing experience. You’d have to fly into Omaha or Denver and still have a 6+ hour drive. You may be able to get a regional flight into Grand Island which is still 4 hours away.

This area of Nebraska is probably the best kept secret in golf in the US.

  • Sandhills (#9 overall on golf digest) started the movement that spurned the other courses. Uber private. Coore and Crenshaw
  • Dismal River. Private. Doak course and a Nicklaus course. (2nd 100 in US)
  • Prairie Club is another hour away. Public. 2 courses. (Both are Top 100 public)
  • Wild Horse. Public. Less than $100 (Top 100 public)

Nominating myself to help sherpa the Tourist Sauce series to the great plains. @Soly


I’m from Omaha and have played all but Sandhills of these four. Have you made the drive up to Tatanka? It’s about 3 hours north of Omaha along that same track of land as Prairie Club and it is FUUUUNNNN. Tips are long, great land, it was super playable for everyone in our group, great views. Big downside is the lodging is basically a (new) Motel 6 attached to an Indian Casino. I would highly recommend if you’re in the area, but I wouldn’t recommend over the 4 courses you mentioned obviously.


Not yet, its been hard to try to plan trips out west and then to the northeast. Its on the list though. Of all the ones in the sandhills area, I think the Dunes at Prairie club is my favorite. Basically every tee shot has a breathtaking view.


Man oh man! Cannot wait. Exactly one month away. Just realized I am going PGA Champ weekend - couldn’t really care less!

Will have a review for those interested (if interested).


Its a great time, I’m interested to hear someone elses take on it. Are you from Neb or out of state?

Another thing, they may have the most comfortable beds in the world.


Kansas City. 8 hour drive - not great.

Really excited about the putting course and the horse course. Going with my father who is equally (maybe more) interested in the Sand Hills beef selection and trying all the whiskey available at the bar.

We are staying at the bunkhouse which seems nice. Arriving Friday before noon and will be teeing it up that afternoon. Last tee time is Sunday 8:00AM.

Any idea how busy it will be?

Recall you saying the clubs will never leave the cart (which is great). Will I need to fight for tee times late in the day? I’m sure I will be fieding to play as much as I can. Are tee times formal? Is a post dinner, sunset 9 out of the question?

Do they light up the putting green at night?

Trying to get as much golf in that my body will allow and hope “unlimited golf” truly means that.


Not a bad drive.

The putting course isn’t lit up, but its really cool as its down the hill along the canyon from the main clubhouse. For that and the horse course, I’d recommend taking a light long sleeve/pants because they are both close to the trees and bugs can get annoying. I’d save one evening just to poke around wedge and putter and a bag of beers, its a great time.

I’d call to set up your tee times now for the mornings, shouldn’t be a problem. You can probably set them up for the afternoon too, or just put yourself down as you come in from the first. Since it’s light out until 8-9, you can easily get in 36 with a break in the middle. You’d probably have to ask about the late night one. They also alternate which course the members get each day, so you have access to pines one day and dunes the next.

I’ve been on two trips out there and you really dont get pushed or run into groups a ton, if you do, its not like you have anywhere to go so its easy to sit back or kill time at the beer cabins.

The food is good, not out of this world, but good. The breakfast buffet in the morning is CLUTCH.


Awesome insight. We do have tee times established for Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday morning. Was just curious if I could sneak out for another quick 9 post dinner if my pops is trying to take it easy.

Will use and abuse the horse course. Imagine no tee times there? Just grab a few sticks and go?

What are your thoughts on the weather early August?


Yep, you literally just take your clubs off the cart and walk over there.

Weather will be fine, its dry up there so if its hot you arent going to be dripping. It can get windy, which is part of the fun of it. You may run into some cool - 60s or 70s mornings which is perfect.


You guys are making me (and a lot of us, I imagine) incredibly jealous… about ready to jump out my 12th floor office building window on my way to Nebraska


Sounds amazing, just seems like a pain to get to unless you live fairly close.


Was looking at the sight and it says you can fly into Pierre and North Platte and they have a shuttle that will drive your group to the course. Is the $1K total with golf, lodging, and food? Because for a place like that and a buddies trip that is fantastic?


Not sure about the flights and what that would run. We split a double room in the lodge and stayed 2 nights, played 3 days (5 rounds), food, booze, all in ran around $1k. For a little more you can do the cabins which look really cool.

Great buddies trip if all you want to do is drink and golf. You literally never leave or need to leave the property.