Best practice routines and drills?

Hey Guys,

I was wondering what are your favorite practice routines or drills? (short game, mid game, long game) Could be on course or at home.

Also, for the folks in winter states how do you keep your swing through the winter?



I practice at my indoor facility. You probably have one somewhat nearby.

Indoor facility.

One thing you can do, take a 7 iron and go to your nearest golf galaxy. Every one I have been to let’s me hit for free. You can’t use the simulators for free but you can get some swings in!

Also, good drills. Putt on a yard stick inside. This will help practice keeping the ball on your line.

My short game is much improved this year. I’ve been using a pretty simple short game system from Tim Yelverton, and my favorite drill is just to hit the same shot with five different trajectories. I mix it up, but something like base, lower, higher, base, mega low, mega high. Then I’ll pick up the balls and move to a different shot.

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I was going to ask this in the nest august pod questions thread but it is closed.

So I will throw it out here.

This is a question that relates to golf/real life, when you guys practice (anything) do you spend more time on the area you’re good at or the area you need to improve more?

Depends on the relative strength and weakness of each, room for improvement, and their contribution to how I score.

I may not be very good at 80 foot lag putts but I’m still going to spend more time on my ball striking even though it’s a relative strength of my game because it contributes more to my overall scoring and has more room to gain me shots.

Here is a little short game routine I like. FYI. It is slightly time consuming.

  1. put balls 6 feet apart and go around the perimeter of the practice green to one hole. This warms you up for different distances.
  2. Up and Down Drill. 15 shots from an easy medium and hard location. Putt them out and try to convert 10 of 15. Do the same thing in the bunkers.
  3. Pitch shots from 30,40,50 yards. Hole them out as practice for par 5’s. See how many “Birdies” You get out of 20 shots from each location.
  4. Putting: 4 tees 3 feet from the hole on different sides of the hole. Make three from each spot. Move the tees back a foot. I sometimes go out to 8 feet.

Hope this helps!

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