Best Myrtle Beach Courses

I’ve never heard of those courses… but I liked world golf links. One of the better imitation courses out there imo

The 1/18 St Andrews is awesome

I’ve organized 12 Myrtle Beach trips over the last 14 years (gone to Pinehurst the last few). Had as many as 24 guys. A few guidelines

Find a good golf packager. I recommend Brian Noblin at Myrtle Beach Golf Packagers. He’s great to work with and can get you on the Dunes Club (not all Packagers can do that). He runs a site called Myrtle Beach Golf Talk which is populated by guys who’ve been leading golf trips there since the 70s.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing courses all over the area. Find condos that are within 10-15 minutes of where you are staying. If you must go further, only do it on 1 day (arrival or departure).

Best courses listed below. There are no bad courses in Myrtle with the exception of the low tier Carolina Shores, Azalea Sands, and Colonial Charters.

Best courses on North End
Rivers Edge
Glen Dornoch
Oyster Bay (if you can catch it in good condition)
Farmstead (so underrated)
Carolina National
Pearl West and East

North Myrtle Beach (can be paired with North end or Central
Barefoot (all 4)
Grande Dunes
Long Bay
Surf Club
Arcadian Shores

Dunes Club (Consensus#1 in Myrtle, haven’t been able to play it yet due to aeration schedules)
Legends Heathland (I believe Doak’s first solo)
Legends Parkland (Doak and Stranz did the bunkers and greens, design credited to the developer)
Legends Moorland (Dye)
MBN Kings North
Pine Lakes
Wild Wing
World Tour (polarizing at best)

Caledonia (Stranz)
True Blue (Stranz)
Heritage (Maples design, Stranz rebunkering, operated by Legends)
TPC Myrtle
River Club
Prestwick (close to Central).

Legends operates Oyster Bay and Heritage as well as the 3 onsite. All rounds come with Breakfast, Lunch, and 2 Beers. Onsite accomodations are nice but it’s a factory and if in the high or shoulder seasons can be very busy and rounds can be sloooow.

Tons of accomodations, we always stay in golf course condos, it’s easy for a bigger group to get 4 to 8 condos (just make sure they have at least double beds, some at Barefoot and True Blue have been single).

Don’t drink and drive. Take Ubers or taxis where available.

North end and South end are slower paced. North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle are more hopping if your looking for nightlife.

Lots of choices, a good packager like Brian Noblin will help out tremendously. Also has aeration schedules and will let you know of any problems. Also join the Myrtle Beach Golf Talk forum. They have trip reports where you get feedback on conditions of courses and some of the guys go for 2 weeks or even a few months (snowbirds) and play 10-20 courses.

On the topic of pace of play, most places double tee and rounds can be slow. Sometimes the slow rounds seem slow and other times, it just takes a long time. If you want a quick round later in the afternoon or early in the AM are your best bets.


Myrtlewood is supposed to be OK. I’d go with better courses if possible. If Myrtlewood is a must, Palmetto is the better of the 2

Try Wild Wing, Pine Lakes, MB National, Wizard, Man O War, Legends, Arcadian Shores in their place.

World Tour is fun and we’ll conditioned, the 17th at Sawgrass and Amen Corner are the best holes there.

I appreciate it. The guy organizing it is trying to keep it on a budget since the group does have wildly different incomes.

I’m not doing anything other than paying for my share and going to play golf.

He has a house rented, but I have no idea on what side of town. I’m thinking a few of us will try and get an afternoon round in on Saturday somewhere a little higher end. I had good luck with golf now on my last golf trip. I’m guessing that works pretty well in Myrtle Beach as well.

A golf trip is a dictatorship, not a democracy.

Close to Myrtlewood the best courses to get on for a higher end experience would be Grande Dunes and Barefoot.

For more than budget but less than top shelf in that part of town, Legends, Wild Wing, Witch, Wizard, Man O War, Arcadian Shores, Arrowhead, and Pine Lakes are all solid options. Prestwick is a bit south but not too far. Also solid.

Whispering Pines across the street from the airport is supposed to be a fun course on a budget.

Golf Now doesn’t offer that much in Myrtle, the groups that own the courses have a bit of a cartel lol. You can book directly on some of the local package sites and it works the same. Gives you access to all the courses, golf now doesn’t at least not in Myrtle.

Awesome. Thanks for the info!

He’s using Ambassador Golf. Say we’re looking for a last minute time, do these trip organizations have the ability to get last minute times?

Yes, they can. They should be able to book it for you and just charge whoever is playing that extra rounds

You get better rates in the 48 hours before the tee time since they are just trying to fill the tee sheet. Downside is that you may not get to play the course you want if you wait, at least not in March since that’s the high season.

Got it. Thanks again!

Seeing some familiar faces in here. i lived in Myrtle for past 3 years, working for the university. Played most all of them.

If you can top 3 would be The Dunes, Caledonia, True Blue.

After that I’d group them as Dye Club, TPC, Grande Dunes, Wild Wing, Pine Lakes, Prestwick, Heritage, Pawleys Plantation, Shaftesbury, Kings North, Willbrook.

Someone here said other than 3 courses, there’s no real bad courses. That’s definitely true. There’s plenty of good golf to appease anyone’s budget.

With your $130 a round budget, depending on time of year, Caledonia, True Blue, Dunes May be above that. Honestly I’d put TPC into the must play category, and that’ll be under your budget. Pick any other two and you’ll be fine, just note Dye Club, Wild Wing, Prestwick finished in golf advvdisor Top 25 this year for what that’s worth.

Legends get a ton of play, if you don’t have to do the stay and eat deal, I’m not sure if it’s worth it but I’m sure others suggest otherwise.

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Legends is a factory. I was there years ago w/ college team and don’t remember much so I’d call them (Heathland/Parkland/Moreland) unremarkable

I enjoyed Oyster Bay. Haven’t played some of the blue bloods down there though.

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I’m a little biased because I’m a member at Sea Trail in Sunset Beach, but I think the NC courses really fly under the radar. Typically they are much cheaper and a lot less crowded. And the courses are just as good and in some cases, better. Plus the local food options in the area (minus the tourist trap places) are far superior to the big chain type restaurants in Myrtle. My buddies and I are stopping there on our way to the Masters and our biggest problem is narrowing down where we want to eat and play.


Going to be down there this weekend, staying in Murrells Inlet. Any recommendations for courses that are beginner and family- and kid-friendly? We are a fivesome who are all beginners (i.e., might stink). Kids are 7, 11, and 11.

Was looking at:

Heritage Club
Indian Wells
Indigo Creek
Legends Courses – Moorland, Heathland, Parkland
Tupelo Bay

Heritage and Prestwick are your best bet on that list if your staying in Murrell’s. I’d also consider International Club, TPC, Willbrook and River Club which are not listed below. If you can stretch the budget I’d also consider True Blue and/or Caledonia.

The NC courses are nice! Oyster Bay, Thistle, Farmstead, Carolina National, Rivers Edge, Tigers Eye, Leopards Chase, Crow Creek, ST Jones, Sandpiper and the Pearl courses are all ones I’d play anytime.

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Going to “re-activate” this thread for some recs
BIG family vacation for 8 days means we’re going to play golf together at some point (looking at Myrtlewood or River Oaks to accomidate everyone)

Mind you…8 days and no other “real” plans means 4 of us are absolutely going to squeeze in at least 2 additional rounds. We’re in the “Murrells Inlet” region of Myrtle with access to a car (no Ubers or Taxi’s needed).

I have had Caledonia & True Blue on my list (thanks Golf Digest public rankings), but it sounds like Heritage, Legends, Dunes Club, and Tidewater are other courses I should look into?

Any and all recs are welcome. Cheers!

i need some recs as well. will be in myrtle in august. i know its going to be hot but we plan on playing everyday. our group is of the 10-12 hcp and higher. staying in north myrtle.

Pawleys Plantation is definitely happening: