Best Myrtle Beach Courses

My buddies and I are planning our first golf vacation and we have a free condo to stay in at Myrtle Beach, so we thought it would be a decent place to start our (hopefully) annual golf trip to places around the country.

In looking at some of the courses down there, it seems almost overwhelming in trying to find the best courses to play without knowing much about the area and could use some guidance. I can find top 10 lists and whatever, but would like to hear from people who have actually played rounds on some of the courses.

We will be playing 4-5 rounds and would be looking to spend probably up to $130 per round. We would obviously pay more for a great course and would try to make it up by playing a cheaper one on another round.

Also any advice on the area in general or other planning tips for a new golf vacation planner would be appreciated.

My favorite course I played in the area was at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. The rates would be at the top of what you’re looking to spend depending on when you’re going to be in the area. You could pair it with True Blue, the other course at the same site. I didn’t play True Blue, but after playing Caledonia I wish I would have over some of the other courses in the area.


Played a number of courses down there. I think True Blue and Caledonia are the best of the bunch and super convenient for a 36 hole day. Tidewater is also a really solid option. Kings North and Heritage are also fun and not quite as expensive as the other three - normally have some sort of lunch/beer plus round deal.

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Can’t go wrong with the Caledonia/True Blue combo. Both great courses and right next to each other.
Others I’d play would be Tidewater, Tiger’s Eye and Thistle. Also check out Shaftsbury Glen for a fun course and not far from Coastal Carolina. My opinion the Barefoot Landing courses are overpriced but nice courses if you wanna splurge. Love course is the best of the bunch.

Eat at Greg Norman’s restaurant when you’re there, its not cheap but it’s a pretty nice place for some awesome steaks/drinks

The Dunes Golf & Beach used to allow some public play but its been 5 years since I played in Myrtle. I enjoyed Dunes, Caledonia, True Blue, Debordieu, and Tidewater the most. I got a house a few times through Elliot Realty and they were easy enough to deal with.

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Local here. Can’t go wrong with Caledonia, True Blue, Heritage Club, any 3 of the Legends (Heathland, Mooreland, Parkland), Glen Dornoch, and Shaftesbury Glen. Dunes Golf & Beach is private but still allows a few public tee times daily, just have to book through

All 5 of the Legends courses includes breakfast, lunch, & 2 drinks with every round. Be ready for a 5+ hr round though. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about anything else.

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Kings North has a lot of forced water carries and wasn’t my favorite course. Very much enjoyed River Club, south of MB.

All the locals recommended Arrowhead, so we’ve got that for the next trip.

I agree with others that mentioned Caledonia. Great course and I love the 18th there. A few others I’ve played that I enjoyed are Willbrook Plantation and Pine Lakes. I didn’t mind River Club, but it was a thousand degrees the day I played there and I melted down on the back 9, so I don’t have the best of memories

Caledonia, True Blue, Heritage club are all solid; nothing spectacular but fun tracks.

Is Caledonia worth the $170 price tag. Everyone has mentioned it, so is it the one must play?

Yes it isn’t worth it

I would say it is worth it, but it comes down to what you’re comfortable with. I enjoyed Caledonia a lot more than Dunes Club or the Barefoot courses and thought it was in the same tier as the Ocean course.

It sounds like you may be locked into a time of year that you’re going to be there based on having a free place to stay, but check and see if they have different rates at off-peak times of the day. I’m not sure about Caledonia specifically, but a lot of places get cheaper on Sunday afternoons or other low volume times. At the very least pairing it with True Blue would give you a great 36 hole day while cutting down the per round cost.

Its been several years since I played it last, but The Pearl is pretty good.

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For all you architecture buffs, Mike Strantz has a lot more history in Myrtle Beach than just Caledonia & True Blue too. He had a hand in building the greens at Heritage Club, did a lot of the bunker work at The Parkland Course at Legends, and helped Fazio at Wachesaw Plantation. I’m sure there are some others in the area too but those 3 are top of mind right now.


Listen to this man here…His icon will tell you the best place to play in MB.

Dunes is the most consistent course in MB and would get a ton more recognition if it weren’t in Myrtle. If I have 5 rounds I would play 3 there and one each at Caledonia and True Blue.

TPC MB if you want to see a shrine to DJ

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Looks like someone went through and tried to compile all the courses he had any influence on. Quite a few of them in South Carolina, not sure how close they all are to Myrtle Beach.


Are the Legends Golf Courses nice? Seems like the rates run a good amount more affordable than Caledonia, Tidewater and Dunes. We have a couple bad golfers in the group who might like a course in the $80 range as opposed to $170.

I think they are. They get a ton of play all year but they do a great job of keeping them nice. Just be ready for a 5+ hour round and waiting on every shot. I played Heritage a couple Saturdays ago and they split tee. Played the front 9 in a twosome in 90 min then proceeded to wait 45 min to make the turn so the morning wave could finish teeing off. Love being punished by playing quickly.

Oops, meant to reply to you @Johnnyb


A group is putting together a trip to Myrtle Beach end of march. below is the current itinerary. Someone tell me what to expect out of these courses as i dont have a clue. Sunday afternoon we’ll play The World Tour Golf Links.