Best military course you’ve played?

USAFA, Vandeburg AFB, Belvoir would be my top 3.


It would NOT be Whispering Firs, McChord AFB. It MIGHT be Eagles Pride, Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Wildcard would be the golf course I can’t remember clearly after basic training.


Blue Course at the Air Force Academy, easily. Great golf course. Best RTJ I’ve played (except for for the first 5 holes at Spyglass).

Falcon Dunes at Luke AFB west of Phoenix is not bad, it’s all man made but they built some serious land movement out there and there are some fun holes.

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I think this will be a long list of shitty golf courses

Add Robins AFB to the list.


Great topic BTW

Scottsdale National


Shut it down. :joy:


Exactly. Cheap routings on whatever land they have around. Happy they are cheap but its a tough list.

Good topic tho!

Great topic.

I bet there are some gambling stories to be shared.

The only one I’ve played happens to be the only RTJ in the state.

Willow Lakes in Bellevue, NE. It’s fine. Might be good, but never really felt like I need to go back.

Many are/were. Lowry was a totally meh course on a site that had more potential, and a better team eventually turned it into CommonGround. Fitzsimmons is, I think, a hospital now.

But the academy courses are good.

presidio I guess (what is a military course?) no actually it’s probably bayonet


What I played at US Naval Academy GC last spring, par 4 10th hole:

What Andrew Green the Architect envisioned for the William Flynn course (architect for Shinnecock, Parts of Merion, and many others):

What I hope to play next fall when it reopens. I love playing there and will miss the regular trips there now that my son has moved on:

I was very surprised by the quality of the AC Reed GC at NAS Pensacola (FL) (27 holes) this February:

Everyone said the Eglin GC at Eglin Air Force base near Destin, Florida was in rougher shape but a really good Langford course. Just did not have time.

The Marine Memorial Course at Camp Pendelton (CA) is a good course in a very remote section of the base. I played it with a Marine and I was just about to give him a hard time for his push cart (I am an old guy who carries single strap!!) and he told me about his two tours in Afghanistan, and how they wore down his back. It no longer seemed like a good time to pull the “old guys rule” card on him. :grinning: Semper Fi:

Finally, it is not a great course, as the property is hilly and chopped up with long cart rides (almost impossible to walk) but West Point GC (NY) is a special place to play:



Only one I’ve played is Gordon Lakes in Augusta. Pretty damn solid course that hit on both the fun and challenging angles for me. Has a scenic stretch along a huge lake. Seems to be ranked among the best in the class.

Medal of Honor on Quantico is the only one I have played that still exists. My first round of golf was on the course at Ft McNair that no longer exists. My Dad grew up playing NAS Pensacola’s AC Read with his 2 brothers. My uncle has the original architects drawings hanging in his living room. My Dad and his brothers all went on to military careers, so I will have to ask them, but they hold AC Read in the highest regard. My brother is finishing his time at West Point and said the course is tight, hilly, and demands precision short game.

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I’ve played a bunch and they mostly stink. The one on Oahu is supposed to be good though.

Does army navy count?

The Wildcat and Old Hickory courses at Fort Jackson, SC. are very good.

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These are the two I’ve played the most.

I’m back at Jax for schooling every 2-4 years it seems. Grab a push cart and you’re off.

I played there in ‘16 of Masters week.

Story I guess was that they were going to get rid of the course but ihg conceived the garrison to keep it when the built the new lodging to keep up with Masters demand.