Best Links Style Golf Courses


Best Links Style golf courses in the U.S that have reasonable rates but also can be expensive as well, just seeing the best ones the U.S has to offer


Tough to beat Ballyowen in northern New Jersey-it’s about an hour outside NYC and I think it’s only about $80-100 a round. Definitely worth it.


Public only?


Heard Wildhorse is the real deal and the value would be tough to beat, you would have to find a reason to be in nebraska though


I haven’t played a ton of links style golf in the States, but one I’ll play on occasion is Skyway Golf Course in Jersey City. It’s kind of a weird location not in the nicest area but it’s a public links style 9 hole course that’s pretty fun and challenging.

Haven’t played it but my friends who’ve been also say Ballyowen is great, hoping to get there this summer.


Nebraska has a hotbed world class courses all within about a 2-3 hour drive of each-other. Sandhills is the OG. Dismal River, Prairie Club and Wildhorse all spun off that over the years. Pretty incredible.


Ballyneal is tremendous, is $200, and you play all day. We played 45 when I was out there.


Ya you’re right it was more just a pot shot at nebraska, my buddy did Sand Hills, dismal, and prairie two years ago, and I’m trying to get Bally, Wildhorse, Sand Hills set up for the end of summer but I think it’s going to be a next year thing.


Gamble Sands in Brewster, WA. While you’re in WA go play Chambers Bay. Neither will not disappoint you.


Take a look at I have heard nothing bad about the Links course.

This puts you in the Sand Valley neighborhood as well.


Don’t forget about Wine Valley!


As a nebraska resident, i can confirm.

I was a member at wildhorse for several years when i was single. I live in Omaha and would make the 3 hour drive every friday after work and stay all weekend.

I’ve played Sand Hills also, that there is a drop everything and go type of deal if you ever get the chance.


Played there Tuesday between some rounds at Kohler. It is really great. 5-6-7 and the entire back 9 are world class. And only $65!


A lasting regret from my trip to Nebraska is that we didn’t make time to play Wild Horse. I was only slightly aware of it then, but have seen bulk pictures since and it looks amazing.