Best Guess at 2019 PGA Schedule


Agreed times a million… make it a week long… make it identical to the NCAA finals!


I like it. I’d like it better if it was mixed doubles team match play though.


From a pure entertainment perspective as a fan, sure, the more the merrier. It’s already a manufactured series and title, so why not just steer into the skid?

I just don’t think it’s incumbent upon the PGA Tour to do anything like that and I don’t see what there is to gain from their perspective or why they would say yes at this point. LPGA should continue to focus on building their own brand as the true worldwide tour and leave the artificial, corporate feeling of the playoffs to the PGA Tour.


Does anyone else think maybe that the RC/Presidents cup should be spaced out every 2 years? I know that would mean they are each held every 4 years and you would probably have much bigger changeover in team makeup, but is that necessarily a bad thing? I love love love love the team competitions, but having them every year may be taking away from the build up of them. Probably because I’m American and we play every year am I thinking this way, you know what, never mind, I’m dumb, let’s have them every 6 months…


Really? All you hear is people complaining that the Tour is the same thing, over and over and over, I think it would be a great idea, and give the ladies a much bigger audience to see how incredibly talented they are. An average golfer would be much better off watching how the Ladies play because it more closely relates to their games, distance wise that is. I’m all for it.


An interesting thought that is not my own, but will voice here is the 3 team system. The winner of this years Ryder Cup would play the Internationals in the Presidents Cup (there would likely only be one “Cup” in this scenario) and the winner of next years Presidents Cup would play the loser of this years Ryder Cup, etc. So a team can go on a hot streak and play a few years in a row, forcing the losing teams to sit out a year, talk about bragging rights and a system that speaks to a truly international game.


My Proposal:

  • First off, I am big fan of the Tour Championship and think, if done right, it will become the undisputable “5th major” - as it should! It’s the culmination of the year long battle for points and it should have a “playoff” feel to it. I also think moving it up into August is going to be a huge boost for the event.

  • I like East Lake but I also feel it would make more sense to move it around. It’s going to be August in Atlanta (hot!). Move this event up north and use some of the venues that the PGA Championship can no longer use: (hello Whistling Straights and Michigan and upstate NY, Chambers Bay, Wisconsin, Minnesota, new venues, etc). A rotation of exciting venues would only increase interest and excitement.

  • I like matchplay. More on that below.

  • The regular season champ deserves something. Some sort of reward or advantage for playing so well over the course of the season.

  • Northern Trust - top 125, stroke play. same as it is today

  • BMW - top 70. Stroke play, same as it is today.

  • Tour Championship. Top 48 make it. For the sake of a matchplay bracket. Now, you gotta follow me closely below:
    At the TC - top 48 make it. Top 16 players in the Fedex Cup point standings get a first round “bye”. remaining 32 players battle it out in “round 1”. 32 players are seeded as 1, 2, 3 and 4 seeds. 1’s randomly play 4s and 2’s randomly play 3s.

  • 1’s start the match with a 1 hole “advantage” over the 4. So they start automatically “1 up”. That’s a reward for playing so well in the regular season. 2’s and 3’s start even. Losers go home.

  • In round 2, the top 16 players enter the fold after there first round bye. So you again have 32 players in the mix. Top 16 guys / Winners from round 1 get reseeded again based on regular season point totals. This is the last reseeding. Bracket is now set. 1 seeds randomly play 4 seeds. 2 seeds randomly play 3 seeds.

  • In round 2 (32 guys), the 1 seeds (top 8 golfer in reg season) start the match with a 2 hole advantage over their 4 seed opponent. So they start “2 up”. This is their reward for playing so well in the regular season. 2 seed starts “1 up” over the 3 seed.

  • In the round of 16, higher seed gets to start “1 up” over the lower seed.

  • from there it is simple. Starting with the “elite 8” the winners move on, losers go to home. No more reseeding. No more starting matches with advantages.

Thursday: Round 1 - players 17-48 (top 16 have bye) AND round 2 matches (remaining 32)
Friday: Round 2 (32 guys) and Sweet 16 (round 3)
Saturday: Elite 8 and Final 4
Sunday: Championship match and consolation Match.

So yes, I am rewarding the top 8 players in the FedEx Cup regular season with a first round bye, 2hole advantage in the round of 32 and possibly a 1 hole advantage in the sweet 16. I am giving them a great chance to make it into the elite 8.

If you finish the FE CuP Reg Season as player 9-16, I am giving you a first round bye and a 1 hole advantage in the round of 32.

Thats the plan. Soak it in and send it to Tim Finchum.


PGA Tour confirming that the format for the Tour Championship will be drastically different in 2019:

The top qualifiers will literally be living under par:

“Instead of a points reset at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, beginning with the 2018-19 event the TOUR is instituting a strokes-based bonus system related to the FedExCup standings through the BMW Championship. The FedExCup points leader after the first two Playoffs events will begin the TOUR Championship at 10-under par. The next four players will start at 8-under through 5-under, respectively. The next five will begin at 4-under, regressing by one stroke per five players until those ranked Nos. 26-30 start at even par.”

Is this a shot across the bow for the “Par Doesn’t Matter” crowd?


Only thing I don’t like about it is the regular season points being reset for the playoffs… Why???

You either finish top 125 to make it into the NY/Boston event, or you finish top 10 to get a slice of a $10 million dollar purse. That’s all the regular season means anymore. Why would your success in the regular season not have a point bonus into the playoffs. I understand that it is supposed to be more like a typical “playoff” structure now, but #1 seeds receive byes. It’s not a foreign concept to have the regular season winner and a slight advantage in the playoffs.

Also, even though I’m a member of the “Par Doesn’t Matter” crowd, I actually really like the Tour Championship doing away with all the stupid math about the points and doing the under par system, so long as there are no World Golf Ranking points involved.


Could be wrong, but I don’t think the regular season points reset for the start of the playoffs. Everything looks the same until Tour Championship.


Probably reset to make the playoffs more important. You have to do well in the playoffs to win them. If somebody won twice early in the year, and then plays like shit in the first two playoff events, they can’t win the TC…


This is horribly written then

“A player’s rank on the points list will be based on their play in the first two playoff events, The Northern Trust (125 players) and BMW Championship (70 players), and a victory at East Lake will count as an official triumph, although it remains to be seen if players will receive world ranking points at what is essentially a handicapped event.”


This sounds awful


It sounds awful, but then you will see the projections of the winner 145 times this week and realize that it’s not an awful idea


Thursday and maybe Friday will feel a little weird and gimmicky, but by the weekend I don’t think anyone will notice. It will just look like a normal tournament. I’m leaning towards liking the move right now.


In addition to the tiered starting par, they are now saying that if you make a birdie you move back a tee box.
Mulligans and Bag-O-Tricks can be purchased at the starters tent for $5 each. Door prizes (and the 10 mil check) to be given out immediately after. Larry’s Southern will be catering the BBQ this year.


perfect :slight_smile:


People love the changes on the Euro tour but freak out when the PGA does something…


All we need now is for Tiger to be #1 going into the 2019 TC, steps up to the 1st tee at -10 and intentionally cards a 14 and then wins anyway.


How many times will we get the “Current format vs next years format” comparisons? Over under 15 times?