Best Guess at 2019 PGA Schedule


so stupid that San Antonio will live on and now be before the Masters. They HATE that course.

Allegedly Bluejack National is styled a lot like Augusta, which would make it a natural run up to the Masters. Makes me wonder if they plan to eventually move to that course.


Bluejack is located in Montgomery, TX. Here are some fun facts about Montgomery:

  • Population: 922
  • Distance from downtown Houston: 52.7 miles


One thing I’ve noticed about the 2020 calendar is that there is actually an extra week. The Tournament of Champions always starts on the first Thursday after New Year’s; most years, this allows for 34 weeks of play before Labor Day weekend. Only in a leap year that starts on Wednesday (like 2020) can a 35th week be added. This will make it easier to accommodate the Olympics.


As a longtime Orlando resident and Bay Hill loyalist, I love that they put The Players directly after. API already gets a great field, but still lacks a few names (cough cough DJ, Spieth, JT, Phil cough). Thinking those guys will be more likely to play Mr. Palmer’s tourney to get a crack at another Florida course before Sawgrass.

Valspar is screwed though because of it, although I’ve never really loved that event anyways and I think Innisbrook is overrated. Nobody is gonna play API, Players, Valspar, WGC Match Play for 4 straight weeks.

The stretch from the U.S. Open to the Open Championship should be really fun: Pebble, Travelers, Detroit Golf Club, Twin Cities, John Deere, Royal Portrush.


Yes, I know, and Houston is being sponsored by the Astros foundation, so it is back on for Fall 2019. My question is whether it bumps other fall series events (seems likely it would).


That’s not a very fair narrative regarding Montgomery. Bluejack also isn’t even in Montgomery. It is in BFE way outside Montgomery. I played it when it was still Blaketree, and it is in the middle of nothing.


Assuming they keep the Web Finals format intact, does the Web Tour start wrapping around or shorten their season?


Also, I believe they had Northern Trust courses lined up for 2020 and 2022.


I would like to officially squat on the easy take that the Olympics as 72-hole stroke play is a far underachievement of what could be an excellent use of the US Am / NCAA format.

2028 LA Games, Riv / LACC, let’s make it happen.


Well this is really interesting… changes to the 2019 FEDEX Cup point system.

Spoiler: Regular season champ will start at East Lake at -10 and the guy in 30th place will start at East Lake at Even. (so they have to make up 10 strokes to win the whole thing) .


I like the idea of this. Not sure if the numbers are exactly right, but having the winner of the Tour Championship also win the FedEx Cup regardless of other scores makes sense. This seems like a decent way to do it. I’d rather the FedEx Cup be match play, but this is a better than now where someone can win the Tour Championship but not get enough points to also win the FedEx Cup. In other news, this is also a great step in the #ParIsIrrelevant movement since the Tour can just give out 10 birdies at will.


Horrible idea that totally screws over the guys who are starting at the back of the pack. The current format at least gives them incentive to try for the week and pick up a win and/or nice paycheck, knowing they can’t win the $10 mil. This basically just means they play 4 days with a reduced chance to win.

Stop trying to make the FedEx Cup happen!


If they want to make it gimmicky, at least make it a good gimmick.

The player in 1st place starts each day with 14 clubs. 2-5 get 12 clubs. 6-10 get 10 clubs. 11-15 get 8 clubs. 16-20 get 6 clubs. 21-25 get 4 clubs. 26-30 get 2 clubs.


So this is kind of like the current system, only the guy who actually wins the tournament gets nothing. Seems… sub-optimal.


No, the guy who wins the tournament gets everything. Not sure about the execution but I like the idea in general.


Not if you define winning the tournament as playing the best over four days…


This is a good idea. Anything to get away from looking at touchscreens on the final day of the season. I’m not sure what the right number of strokes is, but it’s worth trying.

I do hope the OWGR comes up with something though. Maybe they can award points based on unadjusted score. Otherwise you get the double whammy of a guy who parlays a top 3 finish in an early event into an inflated result at East Lake.


It just needs to get to match play for the tour championship. There are only 2 match play tournaments a year, and one is a Cup. The history of the game had more match play, we need more match play and this is such a perfect opportunity.

Instead of 30 guys, make it 32 on Thursday, 16 on Friday, 8 on Saturday and 36 holes on Sunday for the top 4 and final 2. Create a losers bracket so guys aren’t going home on Thursday and the course is fuller and divide out the money from there.

And if you really want to do good for the game, bring the LPGA on board, same format and they can all play the tour championship in this format, top 32 men and top 32 ladies, all on the same course at the same time and showcase the best in the world no matter the sex.


RE: #StartingUnderPar news.

First, winner-take-all for the Tour Championship should be the only goal. It’s beyond dumb to have what happened last year (and in other prior years) even be a possibility. It’s also super dumb to have the regular season effectively mean nothing and weight the playoff events so heavily that the 3 (2 next year) winners get so many points that they hurdle everybody almost regardless of starting position.

#1 starting the TC at -10 is horrific. Any PGA Tour stroke play event starting with guys effectively getting shots should demand an immediate drug test for whoever OK’d the idea. BUT, there should be a definitive advantage for regular season/playoff success.

My fix:

Northern Trust - love the new course rota idea, keep it exactly the same but with the cut now being top-70.

BMW - bounce around venues, keep the same, cut to top-30.

Tour Championship - fully don’t understand the attachment to East Lake, it’s fine I guess, but this event should move around.

First two rounds, 28 players play stroke play for 6 or 14 spots.

Why 28? Because MATCH PLAY BABY!

Top 2 guys in standings after first two playoff events get two days off and auto-berths into Saturday as top-2 seeds. Normal match play bracket from there. Winner on Sunday. Cue the confetti and enormous check.

Playoffs need drama and certainty at the conclusion. This creates both, ensures enough star power at events and rewards prior success without removing the ability of someone to get hot for three weeks and win the whole damn thing.



Actually @Hootie_Johnson, I would like to hear your comments on @Chadvb proposal of PGA/LPGA match play championship held concurrently?