Best Guess at 2019 PGA Schedule


so stupid that San Antonio will live on and now be before the Masters. They HATE that course.

Allegedly Bluejack National is styled a lot like Augusta, which would make it a natural run up to the Masters. Makes me wonder if they plan to eventually move to that course.


Bluejack is located in Montgomery, TX. Here are some fun facts about Montgomery:

  • Population: 922
  • Distance from downtown Houston: 52.7 miles


One thing I’ve noticed about the 2020 calendar is that there is actually an extra week. The Tournament of Champions always starts on the first Thursday after New Year’s; most years, this allows for 34 weeks of play before Labor Day weekend. Only in a leap year that starts on Wednesday (like 2020) can a 35th week be added. This will make it easier to accommodate the Olympics.


As a longtime Orlando resident and Bay Hill loyalist, I love that they put The Players directly after. API already gets a great field, but still lacks a few names (cough cough DJ, Spieth, JT, Phil cough). Thinking those guys will be more likely to play Mr. Palmer’s tourney to get a crack at another Florida course before Sawgrass.

Valspar is screwed though because of it, although I’ve never really loved that event anyways and I think Innisbrook is overrated. Nobody is gonna play API, Players, Valspar, WGC Match Play for 4 straight weeks.

The stretch from the U.S. Open to the Open Championship should be really fun: Pebble, Travelers, Detroit Golf Club, Twin Cities, John Deere, Royal Portrush.


Yes, I know, and Houston is being sponsored by the Astros foundation, so it is back on for Fall 2019. My question is whether it bumps other fall series events (seems likely it would).


That’s not a very fair narrative regarding Montgomery. Bluejack also isn’t even in Montgomery. It is in BFE way outside Montgomery. I played it when it was still Blaketree, and it is in the middle of nothing.


Assuming they keep the Web Finals format intact, does the Web Tour start wrapping around or shorten their season?


Also, I believe they had Northern Trust courses lined up for 2020 and 2022.


I would like to officially squat on the easy take that the Olympics as 72-hole stroke play is a far underachievement of what could be an excellent use of the US Am / NCAA format.

2028 LA Games, Riv / LACC, let’s make it happen.